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Smart City- Smarter Ways to Sustainable Living

Urbanization is an indicator of poverty reduction and hence can serve as a valuable indicator of the overall economic growth of the country. Urbanisation is an irreversible yet a very important process. India is also in the middle of a transition from rural to a quasi urban economy with a dramatic increase in the number of large cities. India’s urban population currently residing in five thousand two hundred agglomerations has increased from 285 million to 380 million since 2001 to40

C60 Buckyball

Nano waste: The New Evil?

Nanotechnology is the upcoming technology which will drive the future market and industry in the world. It underlines the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution. Nanotechnology refers to the manipulation of a substance of the size as small as one billionth of a meter. It is a very new multidisciplinary area and has the potential to revolutionize the world. Synthetic nanomaterials are already being used across the world for various purposes like cosmetics, paints, and coatings, construction material, etc. The40

Percentage of locations exceeding NAAQS in residential industrial rural areas

Importance of National Ambient Air Quality Standards

Air Pollutant includes any substance in solid, liquid or gaseous form present in the atmosphere in concentrations which may tend to be injurious to all living creatures, property and environment. Various contaminants in different forms from both man-made and natural sources perpetually enter our environment and contaminate it causing toxicity, diseases and environmental decay. Recent industrialization and increased number of potent air polluting sources like automobiles, landfills, etc. has gushed into the atmosphere toxic materials which not only harm human40

Automobile exhaust gas

Why AAP Government’s Odd-Even Car Formula is Good for the Environment

India is the seventh largest country in the world and almost 30% of its population resides in the urban areas according to the 2011 census. The decreasing viability of the agricultural sector and increasing employment opportunities in the cities has led to urban expansion, which has brought about an increase in the movement of goods and services which in turn are usually propelled by fossil fuels. The increasing GDP is a great sign but what the GDP doesn’t include is40

Lake Natron- Infamous for Phantasmagorical Photographs of Dead Animals

Lake Natron, the East African Halophytic situated along the Great Rift Valley in Tanzania is a saline soda lake. This Ramsar wetland site, principally fed by Southern Ewaso Ngiro River and mineral hot springs provides a pretty inhospitable and inappropriate environment for the majority of the plants and animals by virtue of its high temperature and salinity and rapidly changing salinity post rains.  This very shallow lake, which runs about 57 kilometers long and is about 22 kilometers wide is40

Main entrance Jain Irrigation corporate campus

Jain Irrigation ranked 7th in the list of Fortune’s 51 Change the World companies

The Fortune’s first ‘Change the World’ came out with the aim to highlight and recognize the efforts of corporations and companies that have created vital progress in addressing major social and environmental issues as an intrinsic part of their business strategy. The goal behind the Fortune’s list was not to measure or rank a company on the basis of its overall social responsibility or goodness, rather all the 51 companies enlisted had one thing in common that is, they were40

Gertrude Elion

Gertrude B. Elion – A Biochemist and Pharmacologist

Full name: Gertrude Belle Elion Born on: 23rd January 1918 in New York City, United States of America Died on: 21st February 1999 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA Nationality: American Education: Graduation and post-graduation in Chemistry from Hunter College and New York University respectively. Well known for: Developed an array of drugs for several diseases like malaria, AIDS, gout, urinary tract infections, etc. Elion lost her grandfather to cancer at the age of 15, it was this incident that40

Marjory S Douglas

Marjory Stoneman Douglas- A Renowned Writer and Environment Activist

Full name – Marjory Stoneman Douglas Born on – 7th April, 1890, at Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America Died on– 14th May, 1998, at Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida, United States of America Nationality– American Education– Attended Wellesley College for B.A. in English. Well known for– Her activism to save Everglades through her book “The Everglades: River of grass” to reclaim Everglades for its conservation and development. Majory Stoneman Douglas, a renowned writer, journalist and environment activist spent a major40