The Anaerobic Digestion Guide: A Sustainable Solution for Future Farming

Green initiatives are currently bombarding us, everywhere we look we’re being told how to shrink that carbon footprint, reduce emissions and work towards a cleaner tomorrow, with an increasing sense of urgency. The thing we’re not often told is, is it all actually working? Are our efforts really contributing and are these solutions really the be all and end all, the right path for an effective, greener future? With waste to landfill falling rapidly in recent years and recycling plants40


Cigarettes – Bad for the Environment, Bad For You

Every day, we do little things that can harm the environment. Whether it’s throwing out plastic bags without recycling them or leaving the heating on after you’ve gone out, it’s the little things that can make a big carbon footprint. One thing that’s often overlooked at as harm to the environment is smoking. Everyone knows smoking is bad for you. There are so many reasons to stop smoking just from the health risks alone. Lung cancer is a much greater40

Watch your step…by which I mean your carbon footprint

During the late 90s and early 2000s it became incredibly important for companies to be seen to be green; more and more businesses tried to reduce their carbon footprint by a significant amount and received plenty of kudos for their efforts. However, when the banking crisis hit in 2008, and the subsequent global economic downturn took hold, there was considerably less emphasis placed on a company’s green credentials, and businesses of all sizes began to reduce their investments in the40

5 Wacky Alternative Forms of Energy

We all know that alternative energy is a hot topic for the future. Fossil fuels won’t last forever, so what new options does the world of science and technology have lined up for us? Here is a look at five of the wackier forms of alternative energy currently being investigated. Good Old-Fashioned Muscle Power Forget simply pounding the treadmill to burn calories. The next generation of gym bunnies could be providing eco-friendly energy while melting away their pounds. A number40

Green Building

Green Home: Make your Home Environment Friendly

Global warming has become such a sensitive issue that  awareness for the same has spread rapdily all over the word. In order to save the planet, there are several measures also being taken which will definitely be beneficial in spreading the message further. Of all the mitigation measures, going green is certainly one of the very strong messages, which can actually be implemented as well, without any botherations. First of all, the consumption of such items should be stopped, which40

Denmark Reaches Solar Power Goal Eight Years Early

Denmark set a goal to build up a capacity of 200 MW in solar power by 2020. Even though this clearly was an ambitious for a country of this size, it turns out that the goal is already reached – eight years before planned. Denmark is not a country where there`s an abundance of sun.  The weather is often shifting, and it can be raining every day for weeks at a time. On the other hand, the government has incentivized40

Mandatory EIA reporting: Sectors for which EIA is required

Environmental Impact assessment (EIA) is a tool for ensuring sustainable development through the evaluation/identification of positive or negative impacts associated with significant environmental effects. The purpose of the Environmental Impact assessment is to ensure the decision makers/managers to decide whether to proceed with the project or not. In general EIA is used to identify the environmental impacts of projects of larger magnitude. The  International Association for Impact  Assessment  (IAIA) defines an environmental impact  assessment  as  “the process of identifying,  predicting,40