Nuclear plant

The curious case of Nuclear Power Plants in India

I have always been surprised by the level of Indian diplomacy in the global arena. In spite of the brightest minds Indians frequently like to boast of, our diplomatic efforts in some areas have been, to say the least shoddy and wanting. Take the case for30

Indiagap Standard

Indiagap where GAP stands for Good Agricultural Practices was released formally this year. It can help in the adoption of Good Agricultural Practices amongst the Farming sector in the country. It is bound to meet with some problems due to the inherent unregulated nature of30

Black Carbon, Global Warming and India

Black Carbon considered as a potent greenhouse gas has been resisted by India which opposes its inclusion in the list of GHG’s under the UNFCCC mechanism.   What is Black Carbon? Considered as a climate change inducing agent by some, it is formed through the30

Solar Water Light Bulb

Technology has no meaning unless it is cheap and can touch the lives of poor, affected people. One such technology that catches attention for being unique and an extremely simplistic solution is the solar water light bulb. It was first discovered in Brazil by Alfredo30

Green Car Award 2012

This year’s green car of the year award was bagged by the natural gas powered Honda Civic. Introduced as a fleet vehicle in 1998, the car is in currently the fifth generation model and has entered assembly line production. According to the Green Car Journal,30

Green Law Panel

Rajasthan Plans Country’s first Water Resources Law

According to reports, Rajasthan may become the first state to enact a law on managing water resources. Water is India’s next big challenge and the sooner the issue is addressed, the better. Rajasthan is already reeling under water stress and this bill can become a30

A map showing the average daily calorie consumption in countries all over the world

Food woes of India and the probable solution

Very often, we fall prey to the premise that only experts can come up with novel solutions. This is not entirely wrong but to some extent too optimistic. Experts can only guide and show the way, the real solution has to come from the political30