Pollution control

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Transpacific is Australia’s leading recycling, waste management and industrial services company. You can visit Transpacific website or call complete business hours of all locations.

07 3489 4600
10 Platinum Street
Willard Environmental Group

Oil Tank Services including Home Oil Tank Removal & Installation, Leak Assistance, Inspection, and other Underground Oil Tank Services to prevent oil leaking and conservation.

10405 Balls Ford Rd
United States
Dynamic Water Technologies

Bringing you innovative and cost-effective water treatment technologies which promotes sustainability: saving water, power, and maintenance, while eliminating the need for hazardous chemical additives and extending your equipment’s useful life.

14550 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd., Suite 100
Scottsdale, Arizona
Plant A Hope
Plant A Hope

About Hope Plantable Pencils:

Hope plantable pencils are a unique combination of an application and eco-friendly MDF graphite Pencils with seeds. Hope Plantable Pencils are advance in features where you can monitor planted pencils growth and locations virtually using Plant a Hope application (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details…). Hope Plantable Pencils are available with different varieties of seeds such as a nice combination of indoor, herb and kitchen plants.

Purpose of Hope pencils

1. Micro level plantation
2. An initiative for a small-scale plantation due to rapid deforestation
3. Promoting indoor plantation for air purification and can be used for herb and kitchen garden.
4. You can use it as a gift and promote the plantation from micro level to ecosystem level
5. Awareness for climate changes and reduction of the plastic ball pens and non-degradable writing items/stuffs in the conferences, workshops, schools and at general events.

Order: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07DYPQWHX/ref=olp_product_details…

A303, Celestial Greens, Old Madras Road, C V Raman Nagar
Aquatech Tanks – Garbage Bins and Bio Gas Plant Manufacturers in South India

Aquatech tank is the solution provider of waste management system in South India. We manufacture garbage bins and biogas plant to provide a complete waste disposal and recycling solutions. Garbage bins are designed in various dimensions and models. The biogas plant is designed in such a way that it can store 50% more biogas that other biogas plants of similar size.