Greenpeace persuades facebook to win battle against coal

“Victory! Facebook ‘friends’ renewable energy” is the roaring headline in news on the Greenpeace website on Dec 15th, 2011. Finally the focused non-governmental environmental organization working in the field of environment management and climate change –Greenpeace successfully convinced the social media giant Facebook to shift to renewable30

Nuclear plant

The curious case of Nuclear Power Plants in India

I have always been surprised by the level of Indian diplomacy in the global arena. In spite of the brightest minds Indians frequently like to boast of, our diplomatic efforts in some areas have been, to say the least shoddy and wanting. Take the case for30

Anticipated power supply position of India during 2011-12

Being the world’s 5th largest energy consumer, India accounts for around four percent of the global energy consumption. Although, energy is not the only parameter in contributing economic growth but it is one of the top requirements.   We can’t imagine a world without electricity and30

Petroleum Conservation

Gas based power generation in India

India’s power generation mix is considerably inclined towards coal based power generation. Current capacity addition and new establishments show increased share of coal in the Indian energy sector. As the coal reserves are limited to their natural availability and also due to the stringent environmental30

India’s first solar PV project registered under the CDM

On 16th May 2011, India’s first 5 MW of installed capacity solar power project registered under the Clean Development Mechanism that uses solar PV technology for power generation.  This project is now eligible to earn carbon revenue from year 2011 onwards. Please find following details30

Solar Farming – Indian perspective

The future of solar technology is immense in India. The currently available principle solar technologies comprise of solar PV’s and solar thermal with variations of the two. While solar PV makes use of the photoelectric effect, solar thermal aims at concentrating solar energy and storing30

Power deficit – The answer is blowing in the wind

The Economic Times (Jun 10, 2011): “Renewable energy can help bridge energy deficit, check govt’s subsidy burden: Switching rural India on to renewable energy sources could help the country bridge its widening energy deficit, according to the Planning Commission. The panel has suggested diversification of30

Nuclear power plant across the world-Map

Is Nuclear Power safe?

The question may sound rhetorical to few but it is nevertheless a relevant question. The question may have become somewhat redundant in recent times but was brought again into the limelight with the Fukushima, Japan mishap. This article is an attempt to examine the safety30