Solar pannels and mounting structure at rooftop

Ten Important Developments of Cleantech Sector in Year 2013

The year gone by saw significant progress in the areas of renewable energy and clean technologies. Progress was not just about laboratory successes but also about financing and commercialization. These technologies are moving beyond dependence on Government support – many of them are commercially viable long term investments. This article shows ten most noteworthy developments of the past year in this field. 1. Solar Power – Star of the Year 2013 was without doubt the year of Solar PV. Five40

Steadily Increasing Consumer Tariffs_MSEDCL

Why Rooftop Solar PV Plant Is So Good For You?

Rooftop solar PV plant is an easy way to generate your own electricity conveniently. The cost of generation is also getting lower due to a considerable drop in the cost of solar panels.  Rooftop PV systems can be installed on the rooftop of commercial and residential buildings, factories, parking canopy structures, warehouses, etc. The entire rooftop solar PV system has fewer components comparatively and they comprise of solar PV panels, supporting structures, an inverter that converts DC current from solar40

State wise wind energy capacity in India by Feb 2013

How much electricity have the wind turbines injected in the grid?

The energy generated due to the movement of wind is called wind energy. Wind turbine is the mechanical device that converts wind energy into electrical energy. As per the estimates, India’s wind energy potential is about 50,000 MW (At 50 meter of hub height, C-WET). As of2013, India has an installed capacity of 19,564 MW for wind energy (Aug 2013). In the last ten years, India has experienced a rapid growth in wind installation. This growth has occurred due to40

Increasing share of renewable energy in Indias energy mix

Marching towards sustainable growth – Renewable energy scenario in India

India’s energy demand has been growing rapidly since the last two decades. This demand has been boosted by industrial growth and also because of the rise in household consumption. On the other hand, energy supply has also increased but has been outstripped by the ever rising demand. India derives most of its energy from fossil fuels, primarily coal. The coal reserves of the country are limited and a growing number of power producers are looking to import coal from resource40

Three primary rating systems for Green buildings in India

For the past few years, the word ‘Green Buildings’ is continuously hogging limelight in the media. Some of us might have seen the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) – Green Business Centre building in Hyderabad which is one of the green buildings in India.  Now the question comes up – what exactly are these structures? How are different from other buildings? And why are they green? We can define Green Buildings as structures that ensure efficient use of natural resources40

Tree or grass- the fate of Bamboo…

Do you care about classifications? Or do you subscribe to the Shakespearean philosophy of “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet.” The stubbornness for rules and the hesitance towards change leads to a point wherein we become so averse to change that without questioning whether a proposal is good or bad, we protest against it. The accepted philosophy being “jaise ab tak chal raha tha, waise hi chalne do.”40

Want to earn carbon credits but confused about the future of carbon markets?

It is important to know about the benefits and risks of a carbon credit project considering the uncertainty of carbon markets. Identifying business risks associated with a carbon credit project (Green House Gas emission reduction project) allows a project developer to realize the projected financial outcome in the future and also offer insights on risks related to regulatory and financial aspects. Background: The growing concern about climate change among world leaders resulted in an international treaty-United Nations Framework Convention on40

The ECO cost of every WAR

Man endowed with superior mental faculties is perhaps the most quarrelsome of all creatures. We kill each other; we cannot be friendly with out neighbours and show utter disdain to those who are weak and all this in spite of the fact that we are perhaps some of the smartest species on the planet. Over the centuries, philosophers have perhaps come up with umpteen reasons for not waging war so I am not getting into that. Let me examine it40