The world’s first recycling gallery is located in Eskilstuna, Sweden

The world’s first recycling gallery is ReTuna where the guests shop in a completely climate-friendly and a new way. In this gallery, old things are taken and renewed by upcycling and repairing. Whatever sold is recycled again and again, also ecologically or sustainably produced. In30

Capsula Mundi

Cremate Loved Ones and Plant a Tree: Burial Pod

Nowadays, burial and cremation have become a big problem as the cost of cemeteries and cremations have gone a little up. This unique burial pod is not only a sustainable solution to the huge costs and land availability but also preserves the memory of your30

Garbage can

Waste Disposal Methods

Owing to intense development in science and technology, waste generation has grown by leaps and bounds with disposal turning into a herculean task. India generates about 100,000 metric tonnes of solid waste per day, with contributions of 9000 mt/day and 8300 mt/day from large metropolitans30

WeWork Bans Meat and Goes Zero Waste

An announcement has been made on a company-wide ban on meat by a primary cooperation whose specialization is in promoting startups and coworking spaces. Yes, it’s WeWork. WeWork has decided not to serve meat at various company events and will also compensate the cost of30

Garbage can

Ways to Reduce and Recycle Waste

From both building construction and households, millions and tons of waste are produced every year. Out of this, the majority of waste ends up in landfills with a very little percentage being recycled. This has demanded a high need for waste minimization, as it will30


Hawaii Bans Sunscreens to Protect Corals

David Ige, Hawaii Gov. signed legislation on Tuesday regarding a ban on the sale of sunscreens which consists of two harmful chemicals that harm coral reefs. By signing this Hawaii becomes the first U.S. state that has initiated a ban on oxybenzone and octinoxate. Ige30

2018 FIFA World Cup

FIFA Adopts Sustainable Culture: Russia 2018

FIFA’s official environmental programme is Football for the Planet, whose objective is to decrease the negative impact on the environment because of various activities. Since the FIFA World Cup started in Germany in 2006, there have been some environmental programmes developed for FIFA competitions and this one is the30

menstrual pads

How to make periods environmentally friendly

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest contributing factors to the decline in our environment – and the taboo subject of sanitary waste makes up a percentage of this. In the UK alone, 4.3 billion disposable sanitary products are used every year – and it’s30