Atmospheric water generators

Five Interesting Environmental Projects on Dream Wallets

In a developing economy which has to keep pace with global trends, India has come far when it comes to economic progress. However, many times economic progress comes at the cost of environment. At the same time, people are coming up with innovative ideas to30


First electric road unveiled in Sweden

Sweden recently unveiled the world’s first electrified road which charge batteries of trucks and cars as they move along the stretch. The road has around 2.1km of electric rail embedded in it. The electric rail tracks fitted in the road transfer energy to four-wheelers as30

12 Interesting Environment Friendly Projects on Kickstarter

Kickstarter, the popular crowd funding platform has lately seen some fantastic and quirky innovative environmental projects. Some of the projects listed are very creative and you may want to check them out. Here’s our pick of the list: BambooMotion: A swanky bicycle made using bamboo,30

Air conditioners

Efficient Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioners have been cooling our homes ever since the discovery by Willis Haviland Carrier. The market of modern air conditioners, have seen a rise from the time when, it was only available to a few to this decade when almost each house has or30


Phytoremediation- Solution to Contaminated Environment

Agricultural, military and industrial activities since long have contaminated the soil, surface and ground water around the world causing great stress to the ecosystem and the natural resources. It is important to get rid of these toxic chemicals for which different remediation methods are used.30


Top 5 Green Tech Ideas for 2015

Technology and the environmental movement are crossing paths in some very interesting ways. More and more tech companies are aiming to make products that are much more eco-friendly in order to cut down on the harm that manufacturing electronics causes. Other companies are focusing on30

Plastic Bricks

Innovative Building Materials in India: Need Sustainable Innovation

Construction and civil engineering activities have experienced a boom due to rapid improvements in procurement of building materials. However, the current scenario in the booming construction industry has posed many challenges due to some unsustainable aspects of the highly polluting and the exhaustive nature of30