Economic Importance of Sterculia spp

Botanical name: S. rupestris Benth. S. villosa Roxb. Family: Sterculiaceae Origin: S. rupestris – Australia S. villosa- India Description: A moderate sized deciduous tree with few spreading branches. Leaves long and broad crowded at the ends of branches, cordate, deeply palmately lobed, flowers yellow, polygamous,30

Wangari Maathai – Renowned Women Environmentalist and 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Full Name: Wangari Muta Mary Jo Maathai Born on:   1st April 1940 at Ihithe village, Tetu division,Nyeri District, Kenya Died on:   25th Sep 2011 at Nairobi, Kenya Nationality:  Kenyan Education:  B.S. biology Mount St. Scholastica College, USA (1964), M.S. biological sciences University of Pittsburgh, USA (1966), Ph.D. veterinary30

Globalization in these changing times

Globalization as a concept has been around for the past several decades. It keeps getting in and out of focus and open to various interpretations but nonetheless has always remained relevant. It is difficult to define globalization strictly as per a simple definition and therefore30

Economic Importance of Phoenix spp.

Botanical name: P. dactylifera Linn. P. sylvestris Roxb. Family:  Arecaceae Origin: P. dactylifera – India P.sylvestris – India Description: It is a medium-sized tree. The leaves are pinnate, with spines on the petiole and about 150 leaflets; the leaflets are 30 cm long and 230

Economic Importance of Platanus orientalis

Kingdom: Plantae Order: Proteales Family: Platanaceae Genus: Platanus Species: P. orientalis Common name:  Chinar Origin: India Description: A medium sized or large tree. Leaf commonly has 5 -7 palmate lobes, all distinctly longer than wide. Some forms have fairly rigid leaf blades with the lobe30

River ganges at Varanasi

A Crusader’s fight for the Ganga

There has already been a loss of life earlier in Uttarakhand for the Ganges. Swami Nigamanand died after a fast that lasted for 115 days. History is repeating itself and Mr. G.D. Agarwal who has renounced worldy life and is now known as Swami Gyan30

Economic Importance of Santalum album

Family:  Santalaceae Genus: Santalum Species: S. album Common name:  Chandan Origin: India Description: Small to medium sized tree evergreen, with slender drooping branches.Leaves thin, opposite, ovate lanceolate, blade entire, axillary or terminal panicled cymes. Perianth campanulate, stamens four  alternating with four rounded obtuse scales (lobes).30

Cedrus deodara-Tree Bark

Economic Importance of Cedrus deodara

Kingdom: Plantae Family:  Coniferae Genus: Cedrus Species: C. deodara Common name:  Deodar Description: Tall, evergreen tree dark-green foliage, forming a typical conical crown. Branches two types, long shoots bear spirally arranged leaves, dwarf shoots bear cluster of leaves in pseudowhorls. The dwarf shoots elongate lightly,30

Economic Importance of Madhuca indica

Family:  Sapotaceae Genus: Madhuca Species: M. Longifolia Common name:  Mahua, Mohua Origin: India Description:  Medium to large sized deciduous tree, spreading branches and a large rounded crown. Leaves are clustered at the end of branches, elliptic, obovate. Flowers are small; cream- coloured and produced in30