Be ready for Forest Footprint Disclosure

Deforestation is gradually being recognised as one of the key contributors to climate change. Up to 20% of all carbon emissions are caused by deforestation in the tropical and subtropical regions. The Forest Footprint Disclosure Project (FFD) project is an international initiative designed to measure the30

Power shortages in India- Moving Away from Coal

Coal dominates in fulfilling India’s energy sector requirements. Being dependent on coal has some problems. The proven reserves of coal will not last very long, not beyond 40-50 years. Government has complete monopoly over coal right from the mining to the distribution sector. Private participation30

Economic Importance of Azadirachta indica

Common name:  Neem Family: Meliaceae Genus: Azadirachta Species: Azadirachta indica Description: Azadirachta indica is native to India and Pakistan growing in tropical and semi-tropical regions. It is medium to large sized tree with rounded crown of bright green dense foliage. Leaves are imparipinnate, crowded towards the end of branches. Economic Importance:30

Economic Importance of Butea monosperma

  Common name: Flame of the forest, dhak, palas Kingdom: Plantae Family:  Papilionaceae Genus: Butea Species: monosperma Origin:  India       Description: Palas is a medium sized deciduous tree with a small, somewhat crooked trunk and large irregular low branches with a rather open30


Cheetah – Do you know me?

Hi, I am a cheetah. You may know me as the fastest animal on earth. I can run pretty fast but that did not help me from escaping the clutches of human beings who liked hunting me for fun. I now live in Iran and30

Why the EIA Reports are No Good?

The National Green Tribunal has also lately pointed out what has been known for long, that the EIA reports are being prepared by consultants using “cooked data”. The process needs a complete overhaul. At present, EIA is generally done by consultants who apply for tenders.30

How to calculate carbon emissions from a fuel wood cooking stove?

Energy is one of the key indicators of sustainable development. Major portion of the population of India lives in rural areas and is heavily dependent on biomass for their daily energy needs. India derives a major part of its cooking energy needs from solid fuels30