Economic Importance of Jacaranda mimosaefolia

Family:  Bigoniaceae Genus: Jacaranda Species: J. mimosifolia Common name: Nili gulmohar Origin:  Brazil Description: Blue jacaranda is a small to medium sized tree and feathery foliage with light irregular crown. Leaves are borne at the ends of branches, bipinnate, symmetrical like a fern. Flower has30

Economic Importance of Dillenia indica

Family:  Dilleniaceae Genus: Dillenia Species: D. indica Common name:  Elephant apple, chalta Origin:  India Description: Middle sized to evergreen tree.  Leaves fascicled at the end of the branches,  oblong  lanceolate, acuminate, sharply serrate, lateral nerves.  Flowers large, white,  fragrant.  Petals obovate, delicate. Fruit always green,30

Acer oblongum-Leaves

Economic Importance of Acer oblongum

Kingdom: Plantae Order: Sapindales Family: Sapindaceae Genus: Acer Species: A. oblongum Common name:  Himalayan maple, mangoi  Origin:  India Description: A middle sized tree, leaves oblong or ovate-lanceolate   Flowers pentamerous   terminal or leaf bearing lateral corymbose,  panicles pedicel and calyx hairy . Economic Importance: Fine texture30

Vandana Shiva – a philosopher and environmental activist

Full name:  Vandana Shiva Born on: 05 Nov 1952 at Dehradun, India Nationality: Indian Education:  St Mary’s School in Nainital, Bachelor’s degree in physics, M.A. in the philosophy of science at the University of Guelph (Ontario, Canada),  Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of Western Ontario, interdisciplinary research in science, technology, and environmental30

Economic Importance of Anthocephalus chinensis

Family:  Rubiaceae Genus: Anthocephalus Species: chinensis Origin:  India Common name:  ‘Kadam’ in India, Bur flower tree in English Description: Kadam is a large, tall tree, with a straight cylindrical bole. Foliage consists of elliptic-oblong, shining, opposite, simple leaves. Flowers are small, orange-coloured in dense terminal globose30

The Earth

Transition Management – an alternative model of Environmental Governance

In today’s world, there is a need for changing from conventional sources towards using more sustainable solutions. Any change from the established order is difficult, people are apprehensive and therefore for the change towards cleaner energy solutions, an approach called Transition Management is of use.30

Economic Importance of Xylia xylocarpa

Family: Fabaceae Genus: Xylia Species: X. xylocarpa Common name:  Jambu, irul, pyinkado Origin:  India   Description:  Medium to large deciduous tree. Leaves with one pair of pinnae at the end of common petioles, leaflets2-6 pair, oblong acuminate. Flowers pale- yellow wetly scented in long pedunculate30

Maria Cherkasova – ecologist and journalist

Full name: Maria V. Cherkasova Born on:  1938 Nationality: Russian Education: Biology and Ecology, Moscow State University Well known for:  In 1986, Ministry of Energy in the Soviet Union decided to build a huge 200 metre high dam on the Katun River in the Altar30

Rachel Carson – Marine biologist and environmental conservationist

Full name: Rachel Louise Carson Born on: 27th May 1907 at Springdale, Pennsylvania, United Sates of America Died on: 14th April 1964 at Silver Spring, Maryland, United Sates of America Nationality: American Education: Marine Biology, Zoology and Genetics from Chatham University and Johns Hopkins University.30