Earth’s water distribution and Indian scenario

“Water is life”. It is a unique natural resource among all sources available on  earth.  No life form can be sustained without water on the planet. It is essential for all the important activities like food production, industries like energy, production and manufacturing. It plays30

Environmental Jurisprudence in India -Part 1

The causes of environmental problems are manifold. Some of them are a direct result of unfavourable negative impacts of various developmental activities while some arise due to lack of development itself. These maybe at the global level such as global warming and climate change, at30

Environmental Jurisprudence in India -Part 2

Cont. from Part 1 Some important court petitions and judgements In the case of M.C. Mehta vs. Union of India (AIR 1987 SC 1086), Ganga Tanneries Case, the S.C. by further extending the scope of Article 21 held that the enterprise is strictly and absolutely30

Green School

A few schools in India are pioneering new ways of learning. As adolescent is an age of opportunity and when the mind is most impressionable, it is best that good ideas be introduced at a young age. One such school is Aman Setu School in30

Water scarcity and India

If the next world war happens; it may well be triggered by water scarcity across the continents. It has been already found that the third of the world is suffering from water shortages.  Increasing demand for water with rapidly growing rate of population, inadequate rainfall,30

Green Guidelines for Special Economic Zones (SEZ’s)

SEZ (Special Economic Zone) is an area which is aimed at increasing investments. Companies that base their operations in such areas are eligible for tax and other such incentives. The SEZ are created with the larger aim of triggering foreign and domestic investments for generation30


Green buildings refer to environmentally sustainable buildings, buildings which do not utilise traditional resources that contribute to or increase pollution and the construction and subsequent operation minimises waste generation while maximising on sustainable practices. The energy requirement of a building that we live or work30

Nuclear power plant across the world-Map

Is Nuclear Power safe?

The question may sound rhetorical to few but it is nevertheless a relevant question. The question may have become somewhat redundant in recent times but was brought again into the limelight with the Fukushima, Japan mishap. This article is an attempt to examine the safety30