Indian Monsoon

The Indian Monsoon

Monsoon is a season of joy for many because monsoons provide relief from the sultry hot summer and lead the way for greenery all around us. Monsoons are very important for farmers as well as this is the season which determines how successful a crop30

National Mission on Enhanced Energy Efficiency

The National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) outlines eight missions including National Mission on Enhanced Energy Efficiency (NMEEE). NMEEE operates under the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), a statutory body under Ministry of Power, Government of India. NMEEE is an integrated approach for climate30

The Sun is bright in Gujarat

Started with Solar Power Policy (2009), Government of Gujarat has shown keen interest in harnessing Solar Energy. The state of Gujarat shown significant leadership in industrial development and now it is on the verge of becoming highest solar energy harnessing state in the country. The30


Treatment of sewage using water hyacinth biomass

Water hyacinth and need for its removal Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) is one of the most intransigent weeds of the world. It has successfully resisted all attempts of eradicating it by chemical, biological, mechanical or hybrid means. Wherever water hyacinth is not controlled, it rapidly30

EIA Reporting: Required stages for mining projects seeking environmental clearance

There are certain stages for obtaining Environmental Clearance for any project. These stages may be different for different project activities. The process of obtaining Environmental Clearance (EC) for the mining project involve following stages: Submission of application along with Form-I, Pre-feasibility report and other necessary30

Mandatory EIA reporting: Sectors for which EIA is required

Environmental Impact assessment (EIA) is a tool for ensuring sustainable development through the evaluation/identification of positive or negative impacts associated with significant environmental effects. The purpose of the Environmental Impact assessment is to ensure the decision makers/managers to decide whether to proceed with the project30