The Most Carbon Efficient Ways to Travel

Global warming remains one of the most dangerous and prevalent issues in regards to our planet and our future as a society. Automobiles are renowned for being one of the worst culprits of emitting harmful emissions into our vulnerable atmosphere. The greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, that are emitted as a result of fuel consumption have devastating effects on the environment. Carbon dioxide remains in the atmosphere longer than other gases, so cars have a more harmful impact on climate40

Electric Cars – Changing future mobility – Part 1

This is a three part series on electric cars. Although, widely popular in earlier centuries, they faded out but are now making a comeback due to the environment friendly nature. Below is a list of the most amazing models of electric cars. 1. BMW i3 The BMW i3 is available at a much higher price but is less than the Tesla but you get excellent quality and the comfort that only BMW can provide. The interior is spacious and acceleration40