Plastic Pollution

5 Ways Your Plastic Bottle May Be Poisoning You

Plastic is the most popular packaging material in the world due to the convenience it offers. It is undoubtedly a convenient killer that kills slowly. Owing to its chemical composition, it can be easily moulded into a variety of shapes with a broad range of flexibility and leak proof properties. Right from storage containers at home to industrial packaging, plastic is everywhere. As a user, have you taken a closer look at the ways you have been using plastic in40

Plastic products

Embracing Waste: Why We Shouldn’t Eliminate Our Plastic Dependency

The world’s love affair with plastic has been something of a messy one. In one form or another, plastic has been part of our everyday lives for a little over a century, arguably revolutionizing industry at a scale no other synthetic material has done before or since. The heavy cost underlying these gains has also been known to us for quite some time. An effective way to mitigate these costs, however, has not materialized yet. The Problem Pollution isn’t always40

Plastic Pollution

Ban that Plastic Packaging

One of my friends inspired by the environmental movement; ordered recycled paper from a reputed firm in his city. Imagine his surprise when the so called recycled paper arrived in shiny, plastic packaging. “Isn’t this harmful for the environment?” asked my friend. “What is the use if they pack it in plastic? All the effort that has gone into this recycled paper is down the drain.” He did have a point. I then noticed that around us many items come40