Solar Parabolic Trough

 Continued from Part 3 (This is a series of articles on the various technologies that can be employed to trap the sun’s energy. This is the 4th part of the series.) A parabolic trough employs parabolic mirrors that act as collectors (can be coated silver or polished for more efficiency). A Dewar tube runs along its focal length. In case of a parabola, incoming rays which are parallel (sun’s rays arriving are nearly parallel) will be reflected always to the40

Bagasse Cogeneration

Biomass cogeneration scenario in the State of Maharashtra and benefits of Renewable Energy Certificates

The concept of simultaneous generation of electricity and thermal energy is called cogeneration. It produces two forms of energy from a single fuel source. One of the forms of energy must always be heat and the other may be electricity or mechanical energy. As per the cogeneration association of India, there are many industrial sectors that have good potential for cogeneration.  Industrial units in following sectors should take advantage of cogeneration technology – Sugar, Paper, Oil Extraction, Urban Waste Treatment,40

Greenpeace persuades facebook to win battle against coal

“Victory! Facebook ‘friends’ renewable energy” is the roaring headline in news on the Greenpeace website on Dec 15th, 2011. Finally the focused non-governmental environmental organization working in the field of environment management and climate change –Greenpeace successfully convinced the social media giant Facebook to shift to renewable energy for their upcoming data centers. Facebook has more than 800 million active users (July 2011) and now accounts for 9% of all internet traffic in the US alone. Greenpeace stated on its website that Facebook40

How solar PV projects can earn carbon credits?

Renewable energy is helping many countries to complete its economic transformation and achieve energy security.  Solar energy is one of the most abundantly available forms of energy that is be a solution to our everi ncreasing energy demand. The Earth receives 174 petawatts (PW) of incoming solar radiation in the upper atmosphere. Out of that, approximately 30% is reflected back to space while the rest is absorbed by clouds, oceans and land masses. There are very few technologies available to harness solar energy and convert40

India has made its entry into the top 10 clean energy investment

Indian clean energy sector has made its entry into the top 10 clean energy investment list among the G-20 countries. G-20 group solely account for 90% of global clean energy finance and investment in the world. This investment accounts for $ 4 billion in 2010 and helps to secure 10th rank among the members of G-20 countries. As per the report (Who’s Winning the Clean Energy Race? 2010 Edition) published by the Pew Charitable Trusts, Indian renewable energy sector also40

Indian Electricity Scenario

The energy sector holds the key in accelerating the economic growth of India. The energy demands for developing country like India keep on continuously growing. Energy is a driving force behind rapid economic growth of the country. India ranks sixth in the world in total energy consumption. It is first requirement of energy to accelerate the development of the sector to meet its growth aspirations. The pattern of energy production put coal and oil again on top.  These account for40