Wind energy installations across states

Top five states in India with highest wind electricity generation

India is blessed with various renewable energy sources. Wind energy is a prominent renewable energy source in India. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has already estimated 103 GW* of wind energy potential. Government of India is looking at renewable energy as a way to achieve energy security and to curb greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions happening from the electricity sector. Therefore, renewable energy development is high on government agenda. Recently, India set 60 GW of wind capacity addition target40

Tamil Nadu

Solar and Wind Power growth status in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has lagged behind in wind power and in the year ending 2013-2014, it added only 107 MW of wind energy not a very big achievement for a state that was until recently a leader in wind energy sector in India. The growth in the wind sector has been sluggish with an average of 616 MW being added per year. The growth has been slow after the period ending 2012. This is in spite of the fact that fiscal40

Indias National Waterways NW-4

National Waterway-4 project launched in Tamil Nadu

The Union Government has launched the project for the development of the stretch of 37 Kilometer of the National Waterway-four (NW-4) between Sholinganallur to Kalpakkam in South Buckingham Canal in Tamil Nadu. The project was launched on 24 January 2014.  NW-4 covers a total length of 1078 Km consisting of Kakinada-Puducherry canal systems integrated with Godavari and Krishna Rivers. Main components of the project include dredging and excavation to develop navigational channel, construction of three terminals and navigational locks, replacement40

Solar pannels and mounting structure at rooftop

Tamil Nadu Tribunal Sets Aside Solar Purchase Obligation

In a major setback to government plans, Tamil Nadu’s electricity tribunal has decided to set aside a government order placing solar energy obligations upon heavy power consumers. It is unclear as to how the order would affect government plans to generate an additional 3,000 megawatts (MW) of solar power by end-2015 but it cannot be expected to progress smoothly now. “The order of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission (TNERC) is set aside on solar purchase obligation,” said justice Karpaga40


Environmental Information dissemination centre is set up in Choolai, Tamil Nadu

An environmental information dissemination centre (EIDC) was set up in Chennai Corporation Middle School in Choolai, Tamil Nadu on 6 January 2014. An environmental information dissemination centre (EIDC) is a part of the National Green Crops (NGC). An EIDC is a central resource which will aid students and teachers in learning about environment related topics such as pollution and energy conservation. The centre is well equipped with a resource room that is provided with books, multimedia and television and a40

Power Grid -Wardha_Maharashtra

Southern power grid is now connected to national grid

The power crisis is likely to reduce in Tamil Nadu as the southern power grid is now connected to the national grid. The system cost Rs. 815 crore. The Raichur-Sholapur 765KV single circuit transmission line has been interconnected with the national grid, thereby achieving the one nation-one grid-one frequency system. A power grid system includes a number of electricity generating stations, high-voltage transmission lines for carrying electricity and distribution lines that connect end customers. Read more on power grids here.40

Solar photovoltaic

Tamil Nadu pitching subsidy to promote solar power among consumers

The state government of Tamil Nadu has issued orders providing subsidy benefits to domestic consumers in the state. Subsidy of Rs 20,000 for each 1 kW solar rooftop system will be provided as a result, Hindu reported. The cost of such a system would thus be halved as a result. The consumer would thus spend only Rs. 50,000 with twenty from state government and thirty coming from the centre. This subsidy is for the first 10,000 consumers. The state also40

Total solar installed capacity in states registered under REC mechanism by 08 Oct 13

The Status of Solar REC projects in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is the eleventh largest state in India by area and the seventh most populous state. The state has installed electricity generation capacity of 19,432 MW (as on April 2013) that constitutes 9% of the total installed electricity generation capacity of India mainly from fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. In addition to the major share of fossil based electricity generation capacity; Tamil Nadu has highest installed renewable energy capacity (7,979 MW by Sep 12, Tamil Nadu40