Power Grid in India

Power…power burning bright…

So we have lived in complete blackouts for the past two days. Nobody’s questioning that India is progressing perhaps faster than what the developed world managed when it had its progressive era but the lacuna’s in infrastructure in planning are there for all to see.30

Power shortages in India- Moving Away from Coal

Coal dominates in fulfilling India’s energy sector requirements. Being dependent on coal has some problems. The proven reserves of coal will not last very long, not beyond 40-50 years. Government has complete monopoly over coal right from the mining to the distribution sector. Private participation30

Solar Photovoltaics Cells

Continued from –Part I (This is a series of articles on the various technologies that can be employed to trap the sun’s energy. This is the 2nd part of the series.) Solar PV (photovoltaics) converts sunlight directly into electricity by utilizing the photoelectric effect which30

Solar power tower

Solar Technologies- What do you feel about its future?

(This is a series of articles on the various technologies that can be employed to trap the sun’s energy. This is the first part of the series.) Almost every discussion on solar technology begins with the inevitable question- What about the low efficiency and high30

Installed capacity of power utilities in top ten Indian States_2011

Maharashtra Electricity Scenario 2011

Click here to read more on power demand –supply position of the state of Maharashtra   The State of Maharashtra is on number one position for the installed capacity of power utilities. Presently the State has 22645 MW of installed capacity from all power generation30

Greenpeace persuades facebook to win battle against coal

“Victory! Facebook ‘friends’ renewable energy” is the roaring headline in news on the Greenpeace website on Dec 15th, 2011. Finally the focused non-governmental environmental organization working in the field of environment management and climate change –Greenpeace successfully convinced the social media giant Facebook to shift to renewable30

Nuclear plant

The curious case of Nuclear Power Plants in India

I have always been surprised by the level of Indian diplomacy in the global arena. In spite of the brightest minds Indians frequently like to boast of, our diplomatic efforts in some areas have been, to say the least shoddy and wanting. Take the case for30