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Clique Solar’s patented ARUN® 100 solar concentrator system wins Intersolar Award 2013

This is not product image of ARUN® 100 solar concentrator system

Clique Solar’s patented ARUN® 100 solar concentrator system has won the prestigious Intersolar Award 2013 at Intersolar Europe under the “Solar Thermal Technologies” category.

The two-axis dish concentrator Arun 100 produces water or steam of up to 250°C. This is made possible by a fresnel parabolic solar concentrator system with a point focus measuring more than 104 square metres.

The collector serves a large number of applications, such as the generation of process heat for industry applications, or the operation of a vapour absorption machine.  It has a short payback period (2–4 years).

With this, Clique Solar has become the first and only Indian company to win this award.

The evaluation criteria for the Solar Thermal Technologies nominated were:

A.  Degree of Technological Innovation

B.  Technical and Environmental Benefits

C.  Economic Benefits

D.  Proof of Innovation

E.  Presentation

Last year, Clique Solar had won “The Best Solar Project” Award at Intersolar India 2012.



Image credit: Schlaich Bergermann und Partner  on Wikepedia


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