Thermal power plant

Importance of GHG Management and Reporting System for Companies

Managing carbon emissions and protecting a business from potential impacts of climate change is fundamental to achieving a sustainable growth and ensuring stable shareholder returns. Most of the companies manage and report their GHG (green house gas) emissions in the form of GHG reports or30

Utility Scale Solar PV Power Project

Jakson Power Solutions gets solar projects worth Rs. 81 crore

The order totalling Rs. 81 crore includes Solar EPC and solar inverter substations in Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh for Refex Energy and a 10 MW solar plant in Orissa. Sundeep Gupta, Joint Managing Director, Jakson Power Solutions, said, “We are proud of our technological strengths,30

Biofuel made from Jatropha

Biofuels fuelling our Energy Needs

Humanity’s constant dilemma since ages has been to find a constant, never ending stable source of energy. Believe it or not, much of the world conflicts and wars have been somehow centred on crucial energy issues. With the increase in development around the world, the30

GHG emission leads to climate change

BSE CARBONEX – the first of its kind Carbon Indexing Project

Climate change is happening due to the increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. Simply, it is an interruption in statistical distribution in the weather patterns over a longer period of time.  There are multiple reasons behind climate change but the more common reason is anthropogenic30

Stirling Solar Dish

Godawari CSP project is now functional

Godawari Green Energy Ltd had set up a CSP power project in Rajasthan which has now entered its production stage. It is a significant achievement for India as it will give a boost to the CSP sector in India. Read more about CSP technology here.30