Sustainable development priorities of SABMiller

SABMiller India showcased the results of its Water Resource Management Project

On 18th Feb 2013, SABMiller India showcased the results of their collaborative Integrated Water Resource Management project in partnership with the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid tropics (ICRISAT). SABMiller plc is one of the top brewers in the world headquartered in England. SABMiller30

Michelia -Tree

Economic importance of Michelia spp.

Kingdom: Plantae Order: Magnoliales Family: Magnoliaceae Genus:  Michelia Species: M. champaca ; M. oblonga Common name: Champa Origin: India Description: An evergreen tree. It is best known and cultivated for its strongly fragrant yellow or white flowers. Economic Importance: M . champaca: Wood used for posts, boards,30

Installed Power Generation Capacity of Andhra Pradesh

Electricity Scenario of the state of Andhra Pradesh

The state of Andhra Pradesh (AP) is located in the southern part of India and forms a major constituent of the southern grid. Major electricity generation happens through the thermal and the hydro power plants. These power plants are being operated by Andhra Pradesh Power30

Dalbergia latifolia tree at FRI Dehradun campus

Economic importance of Dalbergia latifolia

Kingdom: Plantae Order: Fabales Family: Papilionaceae Genus: Dalbergia Species: Dalbergia latifolia Common name: Indian Rosewood Origin: India Description: Rosewood is a large deciduous or nearly evergreen tree with a cylindrical, fairly straight bole and a broad rounded crown. The bark is fairly thin, grey, with irregular short cracks,30

World Wetland Day 2013

World Wetland Day – 2nd February This year theme– Wetlands and Water Management Wetlands are important conservation areas because of the depth of biodiversity they contain. There are a total of 26 wetland sites in India[1]. The world wetland day is observed each year on30

Trewia nudiflora

Economic Importance of Trewia nudiflora

Kingdom: Plantae Order: Malpighiales Family: Euphorbiaceae Genus: Trewia Species: Trewia nudiflora Common name: Gutel, khamara Origin: India   Description: It is a small to large sized deciduous tree with spreading branches. Leaves opposite, long petioled, broadly ovate, cordate or rounded base, acuminate, female flowers on long peduncles, styles yellow. Fruit is30

Emblica officinalis

Economic importance of Emblica officinalis

Kingdom : Plantae Division : Angiospermae Class : Dicotyledonae Order : Geraniales Family: Euphorbiaceae Genus:  Emblica Species: Emblica officinalis Common name: Amla Origin: India Description: The tree is small to medium sized, reaching 8 to 18 m in height, with crooked trunk and spreading branches. The leaves30

CDP report India

Status of Indian companies in Investor CDP India 2012 program

Year 2012 experienced a lesser number of companies disclosing information on their carbon emissions and climate change risks and opportunities to Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) than the previous year. However the quality of disclosure by the responding companies has improved. Each year, CDP requests information30