November 2019: Monthly Electric Vehicle News Roundup

1. Government will promote EVs under FAME program

Ministry of heavy industries and public enterprises (MHIPE) will provide subsidy of 3.6 billion to 2,85,000 buyers of electric and hybrid vehicles under the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles in India (FAME India) program. FAME India is a part of the National Electricity Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP). The government is launching the FAME program, under which it will start early adoption and market promotion for both EVs and hybrids. The FAME program will cover all vehicles, including two wheeler, three wheeler, four wheeler and buses. According to the website of FAME India, so far 55.5 million liters of fuel can be saved and more than 138.3 million kg of CO2 emissions can be saved.

2. Mercedes-Benz is considering bringing EVs to India

German luxury carmaker Mercedes Benz is carefully considering the launch of EVs in India, as the company believes the EV industry in India is at a nascent stage. The company has stated that we are looking at some of the EVs announcements in the market, keeping in mind that we are making some developments in EVs and by 2022 we will have 10 pure EVs globally. Mercedes Benz has not yet announced or offered to bring the EV to India. The company has said that the company will look at plug-V hybrids for countries like India. Therefore, in view of the EV market in India in the future, the company will offer its EVs.

3. Government will set up EVs charging station in the country

Rajasthan Electronics and Instrument Limited (REIL) and Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), under the dominance of the Government of Rajasthan, have received significant orders to set up more than 2500 e-vehicle charging stations in about 90 cities of the country. No private institution has qualified in this. The Department of Heavy Industry has received 100 bids for EVs from public and private companies. EESL has said that the company will set up charging stations in a dozen cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Noida and Chandigarh. While REIL will set up charging stations in about 50 cities.

4. India gifted EV to Nepal

Pashupati Area Development Trust (PADT) was given an 8 seater electric vehicle gift to the elderly passengers by Bharat Mahila Sangh (IWA) in Nepal (Kathmandu). The handing over of EVs would prove to be a milestone in strengthening the cultural and religious ties between the people of India and Nepal. IWA is an organization under the protection of the Embassy of India, which provides a common and friendly meeting for women residing in Nepal. PADT member Pradip Dhakal received this vehicle with high end lithium ion batteries. PADT has been established for the preservation and operation of the Pashupatinath Temple.

5. Stringent CAFE norms will encourage EVs

The government is trying to tighten the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) norm to increase the production of EV’s by 2% to 3% every year. CAFE shows the average absolute efficiency of all vehicles produced by the automaker in a given period, considering the sales of each model. The government hopes that the strict CAFE target will encourage automakers to improve average price efficiency and to produce and sell EVs. The government says that tightening in CAFE will indirectly invest in EVs and force vehicle manufacturers to produce 2 to 3% of electricity. Strict CAFE criteria has been most effective for creating electricity globally.

6. This start-up has discovered EV conversion

A start-up Bharat Mobi has created a system that will be able to convert conventionally run cars into electric powered sources. Government of India is promoting electrically powered vehicles by various scheme to encouraging people to implement electric cars and bikes. Electric Vehicle is much better than conventionally run cars, as they emit less greenhouse gas and help preserve previously damaged environments. Also, compared to vesicles powered by petrol and diesel, they will also help keep noise pollution at the control level. So it can be said that this start-up can convert your petrol / diesel vehicles into electric vehicles.

7. Tesla Receives Pre-orders for Cybertrucks

Tesla has received 200,000 pre-orders for its all electric cybertruck. Given a stainless steel “exoskeleton” with an angular design of cybertruck and its overall look, people called it post- apocalyptic. A cybertruck is different from the typical pick-up truck. It is Tesla’s attempt to break the market dominated by ford. The Tesla chief says that the pre-order cybertrucks shows the interest of the customer. A $ 100 deposit is made from the customer during pre-order, which is fully refundable. In the past, Tesla has struggled to match production with demand, giving model3 a budget friendly option in 2016 to bring EV to mainstream.

8. BMW will launch EV with MINI in India

BMW is planning to launch an electric vehicle in India with MINI Brand, but is waiting for better infrastructure. The company is changing its product keeping in mind the goal of cleaner mobility. MINI is the second largest market in India after Japan. MINI sold 700 units of its product in India during 2018. MINI Brand is fully committed to being at par with the global market. The head of MINI says that electricity supply EV infrastructure depends on the country’s capacity. To install charging infrastructure in India will have to go through a long way, which is important for adopting EV. Therefore, BMW wants to launch the EV together considering the efficiency of the MINI brand.

9. Byton obtains EV license in the US

Byton has announced that it has obtained a distributor license from the state of California and will set up the retail unit of Byton cars California LLC in the state to sell the M-Byte SUV. Byton says that it will use a hybrid retail model, which the US has never tried before for EV selling. The 4 or 5-seater M-Byte will come with two battery options of 72 kwh and 95 kwh, which should be good on the EPA scale by at least 250 miles once the car is ready for evaluation. The M-Byte has DC fast charging capability and should sell at $ 45,000.

10. Audi’s next EV is a coupe SUV

The German automaker plans to launch over 30 EVs and plug-in hybrids by 2025 as Audi’s next all-electric vehicle, the E-tron Sportback. Audi has delivered 18500 all-electric e-tron SUVs globally since March 2019. Audi plans to offer two variants of the vehicle, a Sportback 50 and a Sportback 55. Audi calls this e-tron Sportback an SUV coupe, it is not a car with a fixed roof and a sloping rear, but is designed in a coupe element, under which to extend the SUV with a roof over the flat over the body after sleeps backwards. That is why it was named coupe. Audi’s e-tron Sportback has an 86.4 kwh battery pack, which ranges up to 440 km.

11. BMW tested the i4 electric car

BMW tested the i4 electric car and also started some eye popping specs testing, which includes a 600 km range and 530 horsepower. This range is particularly impressive. BMW said that the battery pack of this vehicle is 80 kwh. BMW has made significant advancement in its electric power train. It will use the fifth generation of i4 BMW’s battery pack or electric motor technology, so that it will setup a high voltage battery on the i4. BMW is basing the figure of this range on the European testing cycle, which makes more optimistic estimates return. So it is definitely possible that BMW is making enough technological progress to exceed the battery pack of that size.

12. Lexus launched the first EV UX300e

Lexus is joining the global market with the UX300e with a list of all electric vehicles in 2020. The UX300e will be sold next year in 2020 in the China and Europe markets and in 2021 in Japan. The UX300e is based on gas powered. It is front wheel drive, front mounted electric motor, which produces 201 horsepower and 221 lb – ft torque. It sources power from a 54.3 kwh lithium iron battery pack, which provides driving range for 248 miles. The UX300e has some exterior changes compared to other UX models, including special wheels and an aerodynamically optimized under body.

13. EV charge free in Dubai

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is expanding its power up campaign. In the same context, in the UAE, a meeting of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority was told that if you have a non-commercial vehicle and you have registered in the EV green charger programme, then you will get access to free charging till 31 December 2021 at DEWA Public Charging Station under ‘Power Up Can take charge.’ A total of 200 EV charging stations have been established in the Emirates to promote the use of EVs. This initiative of DEWA contributes to encourage environmentally friendly EVs and reduce carbon ‘.  Dubai is currently working on the implementation of the Dubai green mobility initiative to promote EV and hybrid vehicles.

14. Mitsui and TECO joint venture in Bangalore

Mitsui  of Japan will invest $ 14 million to set up an EV motor manufacturing facility in India in partnership with Taiwanese motor manufacturer TECO Electric & Machinery Company, under which Mitsui and Teco’s joint venture will set up TEMICO India, a plant in Bangalore Installing traction motor for electric vehicles. The JV will start production next year with a capacity of 1.10 lakh motors per year. This plant will promote EV industry and local manufacturing and reduce air pollution. This new plant is Mitsui’s second major EV venture in India.

15. MG Motor’s next offering is the ZS EV SUV

MG Motor is targeting the green mobility market in India with its upcoming electric SUV, the MG ZS EV. MG Motor says that they are aiming to develop the entire ecosystem around electric cars in the country. MG Motor is attempting a partnership with Charging Infrastructure for the battery lifecycle. The MG ZS EV will be launched as the first fully electric SUV in the country to Hyundai Kona. Amid the government’s concerted effort to adopt environmentally friendly vehicles, the company is venturing into the electric car market, although its charging infrastructure and premium pricing are proving to be a hindrance.

16. India-made electric scooter included in French fleet

Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) acquired a 51% stake in Peugeot motorcycle in 2015. M&M is India’s largest EV manufacturer, but it is yet to launch an electric two-wheeler. This is a time when the government is urging the automaker to launch EVs to reduce pollution. M&M of India together with its subsidiary company, the French manufacturer Peugeot motorcycles has created e-ludix, electric scooter. It is the first electric two-wheeler to be included in the French presidential fleet. Peugeot motorcycles is part of the energetic transformation of the French presidential fleet. The new Peugeot Peugeot e-ludix is ​​the 1st electric two-wheeler of an Indian brand, which will join the fleet.

17. Tata motors and LUT partner for EV

Tata Motors and Lithium Urban Technology (LUT) have partnered for electric mobility solutions. Under this new deal, carmakers will build 400 units of tiger EV and 100 units for upcoming electric cars, including the Nexon EV. In this new deal, LUT has included 400 units of the long range Tata Tigor sedan EV in its new launch, which will be delivered and displayed across India this financial year, with the remaining 100 EVs in Tata upcoming EVs like Nexon are included.

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