Jatropha Biodiesel

India Unveils New Biofuel Policy

Combustible fuels created from biomass are called Biofuels. In simple terms, these are fuels created from recently living plant matter as opposed to dead remains of ancient organisms in the form of hydrocarbons. Biofuels are generally used to reference ethanol and biodiesel, which act as30

Electric car charging

Meet the UEone- A Pop Up charger for EV Cars

The main lacuna in charging EV’s is going to be taken care of by the UEone charger. A charger that simply pops up when needed and disappears thus not compromising with space. Urban electrical has come up with this game changing technology that pops up30

Bajaj Qute

Bajaj Qute to Go Electric

In what may well be a game changer for the Indian auto industry, Bjaj Qute may go electric.  The Qute is on sale in some countries but its home country has only now opened up to this new category of vehicles. Qute is a four-wheeler,30


Burning Environmental Issues in India

India’s rapid economic growth might have impressed many experts but it does come at a cost which more often than not is being burnt by the environment. In the wake of limited natural resources, negative externalities like environmental degradation, climate change and carbon emissions have30

World Environment Day_Beat Plastic

On World Environment Day, Beat Plastic

As countries pace ahead on the economic development front, the concerns about environment conservation are often drowned in the din about globalization. However, warning signs like rising greenhouse emissions, global warming and pollution have brought sustainable development back to focus.  In view of the renewed30

Traditional bamboo mat for water conservation and fishing

Ancient Water Conservation Methods in India

How Traditional Knowledge can Save us from Water Scarcity Water conservation in India is not a new concept. One of the earliest sites of the Indus Valley civilisation, Dholavira in the Gujarat state has well documented storage reservoirs in the form of lakes to collect30

Eco-Friendly Land Restoration Ideas

Restoring the land now will guarantee future generations have the resources they need for survival. Humans have had a huge impact on this planet. Our advances in technology and agriculture have made it possible to develop cities and conveniences that make life easier, but those30