Peacock Plumage

I am an Indian Peacock, do you know me?

If you remember that old song ‘Nani teri morni ko mor le gaye’, you might have a fair idea of who I am. Yes, you guessed it right! I am a peacock and I am also known as an Indian peafowl. However, I have another30

Hoover Dam

Dams: Ecologically Destructive or Economically Viable?

Kingdoms are established and vanquished, thrones overthrown and political regimes rise to fall. In all this, one nation remains unaffected. A nation bound by aspects much more precious than power, a community that has survived ages of cold and drought, that has pioneered to flourish30

Indian rock python

I am an Indian Python, do you know me?

Do you see that long creature, moving at an unnoticeable speed, slithering against the wall with a thin wavy tongue, in a glass enclosure at the zoo? Yes, that’s me the Indian python. I am a snake and my scientific name is Python molurus. In30

Floods_Tsunami_Solomon Islands

What Sea Level Rise Will Mean for Different Countries

The most troubling and inevitable danger to humanity is self-conjured. It is not a meteorite, the death of our sun or even our nuclear meddling. Instead, research indicates that global warming may be our fall. At the rate we are going, major cities across the30

I am a Snow Leopard, do you know me?

Huge, agile and ferocious—are the qualities I am known for. Hi, I am a snow leopard and it’s not easy to spot me. I live in regions with high-altitude and snow-capped mountains like the Himalayas. Many people often describe me as an animal which is30


I am a Tiger, do you know me?

Hi, I am a Tiger. I am known for my ferociousness, loud roar, speed and attacking moves. The scientists—you know the ones working day and night in labs in white coats—have another name for me and hundreds of other tigers in the world, namely Panthera30


Green Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2018

A cryptocurrency is a virtual currency which is ‘mined’ by coders and computers using a complex algorithm or the blockchain technology. What works in their favor is that they are not regulated by a bank or a central authority like the government, thereby leaving no30

People fleeing floods

Environmental Refugees

Over the centuries, war, political crisis, and geopolitical factors have forced people to flee their homes and seek refuge across borders. However, in the last few years, environmental problems like droughts, floods, and volcanic activity are forcing people to seek shelter in other countries. Such30

Solar Module

Five Reasons to buy this Renewable Energy Penny Stock

Urja Global is a penny stock that has generated a significant amount of wealth for its investors in a very short period of time.  Urja global was first recommended as a penny stock in an article on Renewable Energy stocks and has gone up from30