Green Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2018

A cryptocurrency is a virtual currency which is ‘mined’ by coders and computers using a complex algorithm or the blockchain technology. What works in their favor is that they are not regulated by a bank or a central authority like the government, thereby leaving no30

People fleeing floods

Environmental Refugees

Over the centuries, war, political crisis, and geopolitical factors have forced people to flee their homes and seek refuge across borders. However, in the last few years, environmental problems like droughts, floods, and volcanic activity are forcing people to seek shelter in other countries. Such30

Solar Module

Five Reasons to buy this Renewable Energy Penny Stock

Urja Global is a penny stock that has generated a significant amount of wealth for its investors in a very short period of time.  Urja global was first recommended as a penny stock in an article on Renewable Energy stocks and has gone up from30

Are We Heading Towards Water Rationing?

Water covers nearly 71% of the total surface of our planet, making it valuable and indispensable in every respect for the survival of life. More than half of our bodies, too, are composed of water. Our cells subsist in this aqueous medium, proving sustainability is30


How Aquaculture is Fighting Climate Change

If you’re a fan of fish or shellfish, then you should learn the term “aquaculture” if you don’t know it already. You may be able to surmise that it’s akin to agriculture, which is farming on land. Aquaculture refers to farming in the ocean —30

Food and environment

Impact of Your Food Habits on the Environment

Food is an essential requirement. We all agree on this. Food is the source of our energy, and, of course, food is what we all aim to achieve here on this planet for sustenance. Our working positions don’t matter much when food is served. We30

Pine forest

A healthier environment leads to a healthier brain

If you want your brain to work at its optimum level, make sure you stay in a healthy environment. Why? Because the environment around you matters more to your brain than you think. In fact, California Institute of Technology and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los30

Green Buildings

Energy Efficiency Reasons You Should Buy a New Home

When you’re in the market for a home, everything you look at is technically new to you. Whether it’s a century-old farmhouse or a completely modern build from this year, you’ve never seen it before, making it a brand new option in your search for30