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Lomi: The single button composting machine that can recycle waste in just four hours

Did you know that according to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) the world generates over 2 billion tonnes of trash every year? For most of us, ‘throwing away’ something implies that it is no longer of use to us and it ceases to exist in our lives. Quite contrary to what we would like to believe, the things we throw don’t just disappear, rather they have a much larger impact on the environment. Waste management is a crucial concern for a world that’s battling environmental degradation and climate change.

Lomi, a Single Button Composter. Image credit: Video snippet from Best Crowdfunding Campaigns

The things we throw away end up in dumpsites. As the organic waste decomposes, it produces massive volumes of methane, especially in the absence of oxygen. Methane is a greenhouse gas that is 28 times more dangerous in accelerating climate change when compared to carbon dioxide. In fact, the international agency claims that dumpsites are the third-largest source of human-generated methane globally.

Landfills fare no better than dumpsites in terms of methane generation. According to the UNEP, landfills are generally deeper and are built to accommodate more waste, thereby limiting the flow of oxygen. The conditions facilitate anaerobic decomposition and lead to an increase in the volume of methane in the air.

The statistics paint a concerning picture that requires immediate action which involves all stakeholders. As an individual, the first step would be to minimize waste and get more use out of every item that’s used in a household. Composting is a much recommended option for getting more out of less and helping your plants grow faster. The process involves making compost which is an organic fertilizer that can be added to soil to facilitate plant growth. One can use anything that’s organic for composting, be it food scraps or yard waste. Using these items for composting keeps them from ending up in landfills and cuts down methane production.

Despite the benefits of composting, it isn’t an easy process to follow. There are many who not only lack the knowledge required for composting but are also hard-pressed for time. In the wake of these problems, Lomi can be a useful resource for anyone who’s looking for an easy way to start their composting journey. The product also helps you avoid any odor that may emanate from the usual composting methods and is ideal for those living in small flats. In other words, if you lead a busy life with little time to spare, then Lomi is the perfect way to do your bit for environmental conservation.

Lomi uses heat, abrasion, and oxygen to speed up composting and gives you an all-natural compost for your garden. Its breakthrough mechanism accelerates the breakdown of organic waste, quite similar to the way earthworms disintegrate plant tissue and mix it in the soil. Except, the process doesn’t leave behind any mess or smell as is the case with the usual composting methods. The fragmented waste provides a bigger surface area for microbes to speed up the process of composting. The resultant compost is a natural mix of soil nutrients that enriches the soil and boosts plant growth.

The process is extremely easy and the machine can be operated with the press of a single button. To start composting, put all your kitchen and house waste like leftovers, vegetable waste, and coffee grounds into the machine. Next, push the button to start the machine and let Lomi work its magic. And, voila! your compost is ready. You can use the compost for your garden, kitchen garden, indoor plants, and green bin to add more greenery to your life.

You can even add certified compostable packaging and certified bioplastics into the machine. Through regular use, Lomi can help you cut down up to 50% of the waste that’s generated in your house and would have gone to a landfill. The product is the brainchild of Pela, a company that was established over eight years ago. Since its launch, Pela has helped in preventing more than 48 million plastic bags from being manufactured. In the long term, the company aims to cut down global plastic production by 1 billion pounds. It is credited with producing the world’s first compostable smartphone case, smartwatch bands, and other products.

Despite its compact size, it can hold around 3 liters of waste. Moreover, the bucket inside it is made of stainless steel and can be used in a dishwasher. The charcoal-activated filters help it suppress the odor of old garbage. The machine features three modes of composting. The first is ‘Express mode’, wherein the machine breaks down the food in just four hours and the second one is the ‘Eco mode’, wherein the process spans over 20 hours to retain as many nutrients as possible. The third option is the ‘Bioplastic mode’, which is to be used exclusively for recycling certified compostable plastics. With Lomi, you can give back to the earth with just a single button.


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