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Policies & Legislations

Andhra Pradesh’s New Electric Mobility Policy

At the Andhra Pradesh Energy Innovation Summit 2019, Andhra Pradesh government announced its new electric mobility policy. As per plan,… Read More

2 years ago

Hybrid Vehicles to get subsidy

For promotion of hybrid vehicles, the Heavy industries department has sought 13 crore subsidy from the EFC (Expenditure Finance committee).… Read More

2 years ago

Ban on river Rafting in Uttarakhand

The Uttarakhand High Court concerning safety and environmental concerns has banned water sports, paragliding, and white water rafting in the… Read More

3 years ago

EU court declares Malta’s finch traps illegal

Goldfinches have become the part of several finch species that will be protected under the EU ruling. The EU law… Read More

3 years ago

India Unveils New Biofuel Policy

Combustible fuels created from biomass are called Biofuels. In simple terms, these are fuels created from recently living plant matter… Read More

3 years ago

A Brief History of COP with Special Focus on COP25

UNFCCC and Conference of Parties The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) established in May 1992 at the… Read More

3 years ago

New Draft National Forest Policy 2018

Forests are treasures of nature, providing the necessary, directing the wild, sources of amenities for humans; thriving in spite of… Read More

3 years ago

How We Failed to Implement Environmental Laws in India

The role of environmental laws is crucial to achieving sustainable development.  It provides a legal framework for the protection of… Read More

3 years ago

New CITES trade rules for Dalbergia Species

The inclusion of the genus Dalbergia in CITES Appendix II has been proposed in the 17th Conference of the Parties (COP) to the… Read More

4 years ago

How Did Environmental Jurisprudence Evolve…

In 1982, in Warren County, North Carolina, USA, a landfill was created to bury 60,000 tons of PCB-contaminated soil. PCB… Read More

5 years ago