Coffee beans

Eco Friendly Innovation- S. Café® fabrics

Once thought of as garbage, with this invention of eco-friendly fabric made of coffee dregs, coffee can be looked at as “trash to cash”. The invention uses coffee’s natural ability to block odours and this technology essentially takes wisdom from life experiences as can be seen from its Inventor’s story detailed later in this report….


How Packaging Will Affect Our Planet in the Long Run

Society needs packaging to function. The global distribution of goods and transportation of products via air, water and land requires these materials. However, these items, especially plastic, are incredibly detrimental to the environment. Most of the long-term effects are not well understood, considering that consumption levels have increased rapidly in a short period of time….


Pros and Cons of Different Methods of Water Filtration

Water filtration has many different benefits to offer. Filtering can remove any harmful pollutants that may be present and improve the taste of your drinking water. It can also reduce reliance on single-use plastic water bottles, helping protect the environment. As there is such a variety of uses for water filtration, there’s a wide range…

Solar Module

What Will California’s New Solar Mandate Mean for the State?

This year, each new home built in California will come with something extra on top — solar panels. In 2018, the California Building Standards Commission made history, unanimously approving a mandate requiring newly constructed homes up to three stories tall to install solar panels. The first of its kind in the United States, this mandate…


India Launches First CNG Bus which can run 1000 Kms in one fill

In a major step towards making India a gas-based economy and making CNG as the eco-friendly option for long distance transport in the country, Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas and Steel, today unveiled India’s first long distance CNG bus fitted with composite CNG cylinders, which can travel around 1000 kms in…

Tata Nexon

Tata Motors to Launch the new Electric Nexon in India

The much-anticipated, entirely electrical Tata Nexon EV has made its worldwide debut in India. Although, it isn’t the carmaker’s first electric vehicle in the nation (which has been the Tigor EV) but the Nexon EV is also, in actuality, the earliest of those new-generation electric vehicles that will use the new Ziptron electrical power train…

10 Keys to Having a More Sustainable Food System

Farms today often run like a factory, seeking the maximum yield at the lowest possible price, with no regard for human, animal or environmental consequences. Large farming operations monopolize the agricultural economy and specialize in specific commodities, depleting the soil, wasting water, polluting local waterways and emitting greenhouse gases that promote global warming. Farmers have…


Is Technology the Future of Recycling?

Technology is in everything you see and do. It creates the TV images and digital billboard signs you see and the phones you tap away at. It only makes sense that it would begin to find a home in the sustainability field — and more specifically, recycling. Many people try to recycle, but their efforts…