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Five reasons why electric two-wheelers are the future!

Technology has been rapidly evolving and has changed the way people commute. The electric two-wheelers that have hit the market recently are the perfect example of technological advancement. Electric vehicles, often referred to as EVs, the new hot topic has driven a number of start-ups along with legacy brands to enter the automobile market impacting the industry positively as a whole. The innovative models with the latest features have caught the attention of consumers who were constantly looking out for a counterpart for ICE vehicles. Hence, here are some of the reasons why Electric two-wheelers are the future:

Electric scooter
Electric scooter. Note: Image for illustration purpose only. Image credit:


Owning an electric two-wheeler is 40 % cheaper than ICE vehicles as suggested by a recent study. This is because of the fact that the cost of maintaining an EV is much lesser than an ICE vehicle, as it does not require an oil change, fuel filling (price is increasing day by day), engine maintenance, etc. The only cost incurred would be to replace the battery after using it for 2-6 years.

The range is not a concern

The high-speed scooters – anything that can cross 25 kmph can have a range of 85-90 km. Whereas the average range of an electric scooter is estimated to be 50kms – 150 km which is sufficient enough for the everyday commute. There is also a vast network of charging stations that is available in and around you for charging the vehicles. The average time taken by an electric scooter to charge is around 4 – 20 hours. The time may depend upon the battery capacity and chargers used. For instance, OLA has set up charging stations that offer hyper charging which allows users to charge their vehicle from 0-50% in 18 minutes. Yet if you prefer a detachable or swappable battery you may go for brands like Bounce and Okinawa that are equipped with this exclusive option that ensures a hassle-free charging experience.

Unique features

The world is digitally transforming. The EV space has also been reforming towards adopting hi-end technology while contributing to producing vehicles that are digitally connected and come with the unique features of reverse mode (OLA electric scooters are equipped with this revolutionary reverse technology which facilitates parking), navigation function, geolocation, digital cluster, Bluetooth, tyre pressure monitoring can make EV your best friend. Additionally, Ola, Okinawa, and Bounce Infinity scooters are equipped with transportable chargers swappable or detachable batteries.

Subsidies downpour

Both Central and State governments have been in the upfront attempting to promote the adoption of EV’s.  FAME II, Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles in India a subsidy has been implemented to benefit both the manufacturers as well as the customers. Customers can reap the benefits out of the scheme in the form of reduced cost as EV’s are more cost-effective in comparison to ICE’s. Furthermore, state-wise subsidies in the form of a 100% discount on road tax have also come into effect.

Easy licensing option

It’s relatively easy to get a license for electric vehicles over ICE counterparts. Another benefit is that vehicles with a speed of less than 25 km per hour or up to 250W are not required to have registration or license and may also be exempted from paying tax and insurance which means even teenagers and elderly people could go for it. Whereas if the speed is above the limit, such EV’s are bound to get a registration.

Apart from the above pointers, with greatly diverse options available in the market, the price range of an electric two-wheeler may go from Rs 45K up to 1.5 lakhs which is not a big deal as the new models come with a bunch of unique features that make them stand out from ICE vehicles. Also, in terms of financing, Banks, NBFC’s and private leasing companies have started providing affordable financing options to their customers who would go for an EV purchase. Therefore, you are not bound to make the payment upfront.

Summing up, with the government boost and surging demand among consumers for EVs, a number of legacy brands and start-ups are coming up with many affordable options and exclusive features in the next few months. For instance, Bajaj, an established and legacy brand is going to launch its e-scooter in 2022 which is the all-new Bajaj Chetak that could fit right into the budget and has created a lot of buzzes. Besides that, Hero Motocorp, Suzuki, Okinawa, TVS, Vespa would be launching their new additions in a couple of months and therefore, the customers would be left with endless options at an affordable price at their disposal. All you have to do is make the right decision by weighing down the options and thereby making a purchase.


Sumit Chhazed, Co-founder, OTO

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