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Switchgear: A Must-Have Safety Installation

Power surges lead to wreaking havoc on your electrical system, be it domestic or commercial. Circuits are designed to carry a certain amount of current, and if that current is exceeded, the wire can overheat, resulting in important electrical components being damaged or even fires. Switchgear is designed to protect equipment connected to a power source from electrical overload.

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Switchgear: Why Is It Required in Electric System?

In every modernized power system network, switchgear protection is critical. Switchgear helps run electrical appliances in a streamlined manner and prevents equipment from overloading from power generation to distribution and damage caused by a short circuit.

When the power in terms of current and voltage is rapidly increased, the switchgear is activated and instantly controls the damage to the electrical circuit. This is where the first switchgear and protective devices appeared in their most modern form.

Control circuits, measuring instruments, metering, regulation, and other electrical power system equipment are examples of switchgear. In simple terms, switchgear is a combination of switching and controlling devices that are related to current interruption devices such as control circuits, measuring instruments, metering, regulation, and other electrical power system equipment.

Types of Switchgear

Switchgear systems are divided into three categories: low-voltage, medium-voltage, and high-voltage. Match the design voltage of any system to the switchgear’s voltage rating to decide which switchgear system is best for you.

Switchgears for High-Voltage Applications: Switchgears that control 75KV or more of power are classified as high-voltage switchgear. Because these breakers are intended for high-voltage applications, they frequently have enhanced safety measures.

Switchgear for Medium Voltage: Medium-voltage switchgear is utilized in systems with voltages ranging from 1 to 75 kV. Motors, feeder circuits, generators, and transmission and distribution lines are all common uses for this switchgear.

Switchgear with Low Voltage: Low-voltage switchgear is designed to control systems with voltages up to 1 kV. These can be found on the low-voltage sides of power-distribution transformers and are employed in a wide range of industries.

Features of Switchgear

Following are the four significant features of switchgear:

Absolute Reliability

One of the most crucial characteristics of switchgear is its dependability. Because the switchgear is responsible for the overall safety of the power system, it must be capable of rapidly and flawlessly cutting off the problematic part.

Absolute Discrimination

Switchgear needs to be able to tell the difference between malfunctioning and healthy portions of the system. If a section of the system ruptures owing to power overflow, the switchgear should isolate the damaged section without disrupting the operation of the system’s healthy sections.

If the switchgear is unable to distinguish between healthy and problematic components of the system, the fault will most likely spread throughout the system, causing extensive damage.

Accelerated Operation

The primary requirement is for the switchgear to respond quickly. This is because the switchgear must quickly identify the broken component and disconnect it from the system to prevent damage to transformers, generators, and other critical pieces of equipment. Slow response switchgear is ineffective at detecting faults; as a result, it is risky to use and is not recommended.

Manual Control Provision

One of the most essential features of switchgear is the ability to control it manually. This is because, if the device’s automatic control fails, the operator should be able to perform the task manually.

Install Quality Switchgear to Ensure Best Result

As it is well known by now that switchgear significantly contributes to the electrical system. One can only avail its advantages if they install a quality product. To do that, it is essential to choose the best supplier in the market.

Determining a genuine and good supplier can be done by just doing some online research. Once you think that the company you found is capable of catering to your requirements, you can reach out to them. They will install the switchgear and, in some cases, also offer a discount.

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