Air conditioners

Efficient Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioners have been cooling our homes ever since the discovery by Willis Haviland Carrier. The market of modern air conditioners, have seen a rise from the time when, it was only available to a few to this decade when almost each house has or wants to own an air conditioner. According to U.S. Energy Information Administration’s finding, the financial year of 2013-2014 saw a sale of about 3.3million numbers of air conditioners in India. The air conditioner market in40


Phytoremediation- Solution to Contaminated Environment

Agricultural, military and industrial activities since long have contaminated the soil, surface and ground water around the world causing great stress to the ecosystem and the natural resources. It is important to get rid of these toxic chemicals for which different remediation methods are used. Remediation using the conventional techniques, are expensive and also disturb the natural fragile ecosystem, it is hence important to resort to environmentally sustainable technologies. One such efficient new age technology is phytoremediation. It is the40

Exxon Valdez oil spill

Bioremediation- The New Age Cleansing Technology of the Environment

Be it the Exxon-Valdez oil spill of 1989 or the more recent oil spill in Gulf of Mexico known as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill that began on 20th April in 2010, both spewed into the ocean tonnes of oil that greatly hampered the wildlife and their already vulnerable habitat. The volunteers who stepped into the movement of saving the wildlife endangered by the oil spill were also made to confront the toxic oil, hampering their health too. The method40


Top 5 Green Tech Ideas for 2015

Technology and the environmental movement are crossing paths in some very interesting ways. More and more tech companies are aiming to make products that are much more eco-friendly in order to cut down on the harm that manufacturing electronics causes. Other companies are focusing on making products that help consumers become more aware of how their actions affect the environment. Tzoa Tzoa combines environmental awareness and crowdsourcing. It’s an environmental sensor that you can carry around with you wherever you40

Global installed grid-connected electricity storage capacity in MW

Overview of energy storage technologies especially for renewable energy

Conventional sources of power like coal, nuclear power, gas and oil will continue to be the bed-rock of energy supply for the foreseeable future. In the last decade however, wind and solar power have picked up tremendously to bring about a new wave of energy. Storage promises to complement existing sources of energy and add to their effectiveness, especially Renewable Energy. It is the next step in arriving at a reliable, sustainable and consumer friendly energy supply system. THE NEED40

Plastic Bricks

Innovative Building Materials in India: Need Sustainable Innovation

Construction and civil engineering activities have experienced a boom due to rapid improvements in procurement of building materials. However, the current scenario in the booming construction industry has posed many challenges due to some unsustainable aspects of the highly polluting and the exhaustive nature of building materials. At the same time, it has also created opportunities for innovative and unconventional resources to emerge due to the widening gap in demand and supply of building materials, as well as the need40

Presenting at conference-Agarwood Hydro-Booster

Agarwood Hydro-Booster

Agarwood, also known as agar, is dark resinous heartwood. The scientific name for Agarwood is Aquilaria and is also known as scented wood in the old days. Aquilaria malaccensis is one of fifteen tree sort in the Indomalesian genus Aquilaria. It is a plant species in the Thymelaeaceae family. Agarwood are one of the most valuable tropic afforest products in world wide. They typically mature with average day-after-day temperatures of 20-22 ⁰C and between altitudes of 0-850 m, and up40

Birdsnap App_Official website

Birdsnap, a new iPhone app takes Bird Identification to Another Level

Researchers at Columbia Engineering, have developed Birdsnap which is an iPhone app that makes bird identification very easy. The programme lead by Computer Science Professor Peter Belhumeur, relies on an electronic field guide featuring 500 of the most common North American bird species. The app is free and helps users to identify bird species through uploaded photos. The website at present has about 50,000 images. Replying to Green Clean Guide’s queries, Thomas Berg, a Columbia Engineering computer science PhD candidate40