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Track the birds visiting your garden with Bird Buddy

Natural historian David Attenborough once said: Live feeds serve as a means of lifeline and communication between us, and the natural world. And he wasn’t too far from the truth. For many of us simple things like winged guests coming to our gardens is a sight that makes us happy, which is why many people keep bird feeders in their gardens to feed creatures that flock to our gardens. Seeing them eat out of bowls and containers is like connecting to nature. However, if you are someone who lives in the city it might be difficult for you to spot these birds when they visit your garden. If you are looking for a way out, then your search ends at Bird Buddy.

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The compact design makes for a great addition to your garden. Not to forget, it resembles the regular wooden or plastic bird feeder that’s sold in stores. The only difference is that this product has a smarter approach to feeding birds. The Bird Buddy notifies you every time a bird eats from it so that you don’t miss out on rare moments to connect with nature. You can even capture these instances on your camera with this bird feeder. You can then share it on social media platforms or file it away in a photo album.

The product redefines a simple practice by amplifying the experience and enables you to grab bite-sized moments to connect with nature any time of the day. What’s more, is that you don’t have to stand guard to catch a bird as the feeder alerts you. It’s one of the rare instances, when a phone notification is actually a cause of joy rather than irritation.

For anyone who has been close to nature, there have been many times when you had wanted to capture a bird, insect or an animal on your camera. However, the moment you get close enough to get a good shot, they either fly or scamper away. The Bird Buddy comes as a boon for those who are have gone through the experience many a time. With its smart features, you can capture the exact moment a bird sits on the feeder and regale the glory of nature. These unique close-ups are rare to be found without the involvement of a state-of-art camera or the agility of an experienced photographer.

There might be a number of birds that visit your garden and you might not always be able to name the species without looking up online or an encyclopedia. Worry not, the Bird Buddy also fixes that problem for you. This smart feeder recognizes bird species that visit your garden and informs you with prompt alerts. You can unlock a new collection of photographs of bird species and build your own unique collection.

There’s more than just functionality that makes this product stand apart from other bird feeders that are sold in stores. Powered by artificial intelligence, this product recognizes whatever creature passes through its radar. It can recognize around 1,000 bird species, including the rare ones that you never even knew about.

The built-in microphone helps the Bird Buddy detect when a bird sits on it the moment it starts singing. This means that early detection of an animal’s visit. What’s more is that you can take this magic anywhere with you, all thanks to the Bird Buddy app. If a bird visits your garden while you are not at home, the feeder clicks a snap and send it to you. Hence, you can keep an eye on every little creature that visits your garden. The designers kept sustainability in mind while designing the Bird Buddy. It comes with an upgradable and detachable module. Filling it up is also a fuss-free process.

It makes for a great and thoughtful gift, especially for nature lovers. If the product is not available in your region or within the time frame you want, you can always gift your loved ones a Bird Buddy gift card which can be used to purchase the product.

There are also some add-ons available with the Bird Buddy feeder that can maximise its utility. For starters, there is the solar roof that helps the feeder charge using solar power.  Then there is the wall mount that helps the product stay attached to a surface. If you want to attach the bird feeder to a fence, you can do it with the fence mount which is another accessory offered for sale by the Bird Buddy team. For those who want to feed suet to birds in colder seasons, there is the suet ball holder. The accessory comes without the suet ball and can easily be affixed to the bird feeder.

The Bird Buddy works in all kinds of weather and can sustain an ample amount of wear and tear. Its central module is weatherproof and can withstand temperature ranges of -5 degrees Fahrenheit and 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

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