Coffee beans

Eco Friendly Innovation- S. Café® fabrics

Once thought of as garbage, with this invention of eco-friendly fabric made of coffee dregs, coffee can be looked at as “trash to cash”. The invention uses coffee’s natural ability to block odours and this technology essentially takes wisdom from life experiences as can be seen from its Inventor’s story detailed later in this report….


How Packaging Will Affect Our Planet in the Long Run

Society needs packaging to function. The global distribution of goods and transportation of products via air, water and land requires these materials. However, these items, especially plastic, are incredibly detrimental to the environment. Most of the long-term effects are not well understood, considering that consumption levels have increased rapidly in a short period of time….

Food and environment

Why opting for eco-friendly food is crucial?

We’ve come to the age where we do not know life without invention. We get introduced to technology at a very early age, get used to it, and slowly, our progress is the most important reason why our house is gradually dying. People have found all sorts of inventions and made them possible, from machines…

Picture Credit: TORLYS via v2com

TORLYS smart floors innovates again with smart laminate now waterproof

Boisbriand, Canada, 2019-11-18 Much more than a simple floating floor; the waterproof laminated smart TORLYS smart floors is the result of the expertise and know-how combined with the Canadian manufacturer as per information available from v2com.  A high- performance , versatile , repairable and durable floor with high waterproof performance and a visual almost indistinguishable from hardwood. A floor like no other  In general, not all laminate floors tolerate moisture…

10 Keys to Having a More Sustainable Food System

Farms today often run like a factory, seeking the maximum yield at the lowest possible price, with no regard for human, animal or environmental consequences. Large farming operations monopolize the agricultural economy and specialize in specific commodities, depleting the soil, wasting water, polluting local waterways and emitting greenhouse gases that promote global warming. Farmers have…

Environmental Certification

4 Environmental Certificates to Look for When Buying Products

There’s no denying that excessive consumerism is terrible for our environment. The making of any product incurs a carbon footprint, from sourcing raw materials to disposing of them at the end of their lifecycle. With the mounting evidence supporting climate change, there’s increasing pressure on companies to adopt more eco-friendly means of production. There is…


How Robotics is Revolutionizing Sustainability

Industries and companies have been trying to find ways to utilize robots to improve their processes, allowing businesses to be more efficient and profitable. Along with these benefits, it is becoming more and more evident that robotics helps improve sustainability efforts. Robots in today’s world are helping to fight climate change, improve recycling and make…


World Food India to be held from 1st to 4th November 2019 in New Delhi

WFI 2019 to be the biggest gathering of global and domestic stakeholders in Food processing sector Smt Badal holds meeting with Industry leaders and foreign Ambassadors from major food processing countries  Union Minister for Food Processing Industries Smt Harsimrat Kaur Badal has today said that World Food India 2019 will be the biggest gathering of…