Car battery

ISRO To Transfer Lithium Ion Technology

ISRO, Indian Space Agency announced on Tuesday that it has made a decision to transfer its own lithium-ion cell technology to Indian industry and the transfer will be based on a non-exclusive terminology for usage of Rs. 1 Crore in automobiles. The ISRO released in a statement that their initiative will stimulate the indigenous electric…

Plastic Pollution

Plastic Eating Bacteria Discovered in Major Breakthrough

A solution to one of the world’s most urgent environmental crises has been found by a student; i .e. breeding bacteria that can eat plastic and then breaks down into by-products harmlessly. Polyethene terephthalate (PET) degraded by microbes is one of the world’s most common plastics that is used in drinks bottles, clothing, and food packaging….

Plastic Pollution in Ocean

First Ever Great Plastic Clean Up for Oceans

The first ever machine is all set to sail to initiate the clean-up campaign the planet’s largest part of ocean plastic. It’s directing to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is a halfway between California and Hawaii. The objective is, to begin with, collecting 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic waste accumulated over there by ocean…

Electric car charging

Meet the UEone- A Pop Up charger for EV Cars

The main lacuna in charging EV’s is going to be taken care of by the UEone charger. A charger that simply pops up when needed and disappears thus not compromising with space. Urban electrical has come up with this game changing technology that pops up once required and hides away once not required and is…

Traditional bamboo mat for water conservation and fishing

Ancient Water Conservation Methods in India

How Traditional Knowledge can Save us from Water Scarcity Water conservation in India is not a new concept. One of the earliest sites of the Indus Valley civilisation, Dholavira in the Gujarat state has well documented storage reservoirs in the form of lakes to collect surface run offs during the rainy season1. Not only that,…

Eco-Friendly Land Restoration Ideas

Restoring the land now will guarantee future generations have the resources they need for survival. Humans have had a huge impact on this planet. Our advances in technology and agriculture have made it possible to develop cities and conveniences that make life easier, but those come with a price—and the environment often pays a hefty…


SolarGaps Interesting Concept of Generating Power from Solar Blinds

In a world which is struggling to strike balance between its exhaustible energy reserves and the needs of the society conservation is a crucial concern. The cries of scientists calling for smarter energy consumption decisions seems to have finally ring a bell with the public, who is now fast opting for more sustainable appliances and…