WaterSeer- Now it is easy to make your own water

Needless to say water is needed for existence. Whether an Individual or a community, everyone needs water and here is a solution that condenses water vapor in the air and provides pure water which is consumable, useful in agriculture and much more. And what’s more, this solution is not only clean and green, it is…

Palestinians make a boat out of empty plastic bottles

Plastic eco-friendly boats – Palestinian fisherman’s initiative

Plastic bottles in the order of hundreds that were dumped in the sea were turned into a fishing boat by Muath Abou Zeid a Palestinian, 35 years of age. He abandoned it in Gaza Strip’s Rafah coast. Red mullets, sardines were among the five to seven kilos of fishes that Zeid caught being at the…


A wiki for crops that can stop climatic variations

Collaborating with a network of gardeners, farmers and researchers, Apios Institute is an organization that intends to share information and experiences to bridge the knowledge gaps and provide inspiration regarding the design as well as the management of the perennial polyculture systems across the various climatic conditions world over. Food forests, home gardens, forest gardens…

e-Bike MATE X

The New foldable e-Bike MATE X

It was their passion for bikes that drove the Julie Kronstorm and Christian Adel Michael, the siblings from Copenhagen to bring out MATE. A fun to ride foldable e-bike which excites one and all to try on, while being affordable was the main goal behind building the bike. It is not just the brand or…

Road sign

Barriers to Mainstream Adoption of Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles are the talk of the town these days. They are cleaner, no doubt and offer a great cost-effective alternative to conventionally fossil fuel driven cars. However, much of the research in electric cars is misdirected. Rather than focussing on battery technology and making them more efficient, the thrust is on bigger batteries, more…

Car battery

ISRO To Transfer Lithium Ion Technology

ISRO, Indian Space Agency announced on Tuesday that it has made a decision to transfer its own lithium-ion cell technology to Indian industry and the transfer will be based on a non-exclusive terminology for usage of Rs. 1 Crore in automobiles. The ISRO released in a statement that their initiative will stimulate the indigenous electric…

Plastic Pollution

Plastic Eating Bacteria Discovered in Major Breakthrough

A solution to one of the world’s most urgent environmental crises has been found by a student; i .e. breeding bacteria that can eat plastic and then breaks down into by-products harmlessly. Polyethene terephthalate (PET) degraded by microbes is one of the world’s most common plastics that is used in drinks bottles, clothing, and food packaging….