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A power solution with swappable batteries, WattAnt is the answer to all your electricity needs

Can you imagine your life without electricity? Most of us will answer that question big ‘NO’ and it isn’t hard to see why. We are dependent on electricity for modern amenities like air conditioning and lighting, charging phones, keeping refrigerators working, operating big factories and much more. According to the International Energy Agency, the global electricity final consumption reached 22,315 TWh – that’s 4% higher than the level recorded in 2017.

But, what happens when you’re traveling or camping? One’s access to electricity and gadgets is limited the moment we step out of the confines of our house. If you’re visiting the outskirts of a city, the problem is only aggravated. There are power banks and gadgets available that offer a backup option, but most of them have limited capacity and cannot power multiple appliances and gadgets at the same time. What’s more, a lot of gadgets are quite expensive and require high maintenance. The situation becomes graver when one considers how common power outages are becoming common across the world. 

The WattAnt is an innovative power solution that comes with swappable batteries that ensures that you don’t have to go without power ever. What’s more, is that it is powered by solar energy and hence can help reduce your carbon footprint.

As the world battles chronic paucity of fuels like coal, the effects of electricity shortage loom large. As per the United Nations Environment Programme, around 80% of the global energy and 60% of electricity generation is facilitated by fossil fuels, which contribute roughly 60% of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions worldwide. These GHG emissions are hampering the environment gravely by leading to climate change. Policymakers have been vehement about more use of renewable energy sources like solar, wind and hydroelectric energy.

To that end, the WattAnt is an urban solution that can help drive impact on the ground. With WattAnt you don’t have to worry about keeping yourself and your family comfortable irrespective of the temperature outside, well-fed and ensure all your devices are charged and powered even during power cuts or in remote locations. It’s a handy machine to have on trips as you can make sure your family has access to electricity to power coolers or heaters, mini-fridges, and keep their phones charged.

WattAnt Portable Power Station with Swappable Batteries, Image creditt:

The device features swappable batteries, gives you 1500 W MPPT of solar output, and has a 3,100 Wh capacity. One of its USPs is that it can power up to 15 devices at the same time, which means that you can power appliances like coolers, heaters, and refrigerators while keeping your lights switched on and your phone charged.

The one feature that could easily be described as WattAnt’s backbone is its swappable batteries, which allow you to extend the usage time so that you don’t run out of charge abruptly. So, when you run out of battery charge, you simply replace it with a new one and ensure uninterrupted power until the first battery is charged. The WattAnt batteries are available in two capacities – 1,500 WH and 3,100 Wh – so, you can choose the capacity that best suits your needs. 

The 3,100-Wh battery is chainable. In other words, you can chain two 3,100 Wh batteries together to get 6,200 Wh of power. The two batteries can also be charged together while they are chained. WattAnt comes with an output of 3000W, which more than what 95% of the power stations available in the market can offer.

The product can run several appliances which require less than 3000W output (and 6000W surge). The list of appliances includes as electric stove/oven, pressure cooker, leaf boiler, clothes dryer, electric heater fan, space heater, electric mower, evaporative air conditioner, and hot water immersion rod. Plus, you can charge this innovative power station in just four hours. It can also power some high-wattage appliances like an air conditioner (500W), television sets (150W), refrigerator (500W), laptop (49W), six lights (60W), and even an electric frying pan (1500W). The product is completely safe for use as it meets several security standards.

What enables WattAnt to deliver a high performance despite its compact size is its battery cell’s energy density. Its high energy density ensures that the appliance is small in size and light in weight while offering a good performance. The WattAnt battery is powered by LiNiO2, whose energy density is twice that of a lead-acid battery or LifePO4. The LiNi02 allows the battery to be compact and makes it easier for you to carry the product around and doesn’t need a lot of storage space.

Moreover, LiNiO2 ensures that the battery doesn’t heat up during a power outage as it comes with a single-cell discharge rate of 3C. It also features an extremely low single-cell internal resistance and thereby prolongs the battery service life by up to 30%. What adds to its advantages is that WattAnt weighs is around 16% lower than that of most other power stations which are available in the same size and offer a similar capacity. Not to forget, it can give you over 35% more power than competitors.

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