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This indoor planting solution helps you grow a kitchen garden without too much effort

If you’re struggling to remember the last time you had the right portion of greens and fresh veggies that your doctor or nutritionist recommended, then it’s time to make some changes in your lifestyle. You could always start buying healthier products and more vegetables and fruits in supermarkets, but you never know if they are actually nutritious for you. Most vegetables and fruits are grown by using harmful pesticides, pesticides, genetically modified seeds, and chemicals. According to the World Health Organisation, there are more than 1,000 pesticides used around the world to ensure that food does not undergo any damage or is destroyed by pests. Moreover, each of these pesticides has a varying set of properties that hamper human health differently.

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Another option that you have is to grow your vegetables yourself. While growing your own vegetables is always better, the effort required in maintaining a flourishing kitchen garden makes most people give up the idea too soon. Another factor that deters people from having a kitchen garden is the lack of space. A lot of times, people don’t have the kind of space in their kitchen or terrace to grow a kitchen garden. But, what if told someone told you that you could grow your own vegetables without putting in hours’ worth of effort or needing a huge kitchen?

The Click and Grow 25 is the product that enables you to grow your own vegetables without putting in too much effort or needing vast space. What’s more, is that the product enables you to grow vegetables organically without using any harmful chemicals. It’s like having a farmer’s market right in your backyard. The Click and Grow 25 is a portable garden that you can grow in a sustainable fashion, without needing to break the bank.

The indoor planting solution works like an espresso machine. The only difference is that one uses biodegradable Smart Soil plant pods instead of coffee pods to grow vegetables all year round. These Smart Soil plant pods contain seeds, ample nutrients, and soil with a balanced PH so as to ensure that the plant gets conducive condition conditions to grow fast.

These plant pods are germinated in a patented tray system that makes for a modern-day indoor garden that doesn’t cramp up on your urban lifestyle while ensuring that you get green vegetables throughout the year.

The tray system that is an integral part of Click and Grow 25 takes care of watering the plant and providing the required amount of sunshine for its growth so that you don’t have to dedicate extra time to these tasks. Plus, the Click and Grow 25 app sends you regular updates about the plants and offers tips on how you can ensure that your plants keep growing. The product is the result of 11 years of research and development and is an innovative solution that can help busy bodies include more nutrition and vegetables in their meals.

The backbone of Click and Grow 25’s tray system is the Smart Soil where the seeds are sown. Smart Soil is a growth substrate that is plant-based and will support the faster growth of saplings. The material that it is made of breathes along with the plant and ensures that oxygen, nutrients, and water are evenly distributed across the indoor garden. The cherry on the cake is that it is biodegradable.


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