The Dilemma of Ethics in Automatic Cars

3 days ago

For most of us, whenever we hear the word robot, our first thought is about the various action movies wherein robots saved the day and the earth by fighting vicious… Read More

Why Are Free-flowing Rivers Important?

Rivers are lifelines of every civilization and have been so since the beginning of time. Yet at present, the planet is losing free-flowing rivers as a little more than one-third… Read More

4 days ago

How the Forestry Industry Could Be Doing More Harm Than We Think

Forestry is a diverse industry that covers all aspects of creating, maintaining and using woodlands. Those who work in the forestry sector often take charge of a wide range of… Read More

7 days ago

India’s first batch of IVF Buffalo Calves born amidst lockdown

First case of twin buffalo calves in India using Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) 5 buffalo calves were born through IVF technology pioneered by JKBovagenix (an initiative of JK Trust)First case… Read More

7 days ago

Tulips Launches Bio-degradable Cotton Ear Buds for a Sustainable World

῀ 100% ecofriendly, Make-in-India product innovation helps cut pollution, conserve biodiversity῀ National, August 06, 2020: Tulips, India’s most innovative personal hygiene care brand, today, announced the launch of fully biodegradable,… Read More

1 week ago

What does Organic Certification Mean?

Organic is usually related to natural material, stuff grown or manufactured without artificial chemicals, with no synthetics, or GMOs. Organic food in a farming system avoids the use of man-made… Read More

1 week ago

Trinity: A wind turbine charger to charge your phones & tablets

As the world realizes the importance of making more eco-friendly choices to make their future more sustainable, companies are coming up with products that are more benign in the environment.… Read More

1 week ago

Ten Indian spices which have medicinal values

If you look closely inside your kitchen, there is a lot you can find. Be it the taste of your favorite recipe or a range of memories. However, what many… Read More

1 week ago

Why You Should Drink More Juices For Good Health

If there is a delicious way to incorporate nutrients and vitamins into your diet, it is through a glass full of fresh juice. Juices have for long been a part… Read More

2 weeks ago

Five vegetables which you should eat to combat acid reflux

As the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) curve spirals across the globe, the focus on health and immunity is greater than ever. People are learning about their bodies and realizing the importance… Read More

2 weeks ago