Altigreen off to a great start in electric vehicle sector

The impressive rise of startups in the electric vehicle sector in India could be attributed to the successive governments’ foray into discovering more environment-friendly transport options. For instance, the current government has committed to increasing the density of electric vehicles on Indian roads by 2030. Last December, the Delhi government announced a slew of sops…


March 2020: Monthly Environmental News Roundup

1. Air pollution likely to raise, the mortality rate for coronavirus, experts say.   Bad air is believed to cause harm to the lung and heart and is responsible for at least 8 m of early deaths each year. The fundamental risk to health Includes respiratory infections, including coronavirus. Over Northern Italy, the center of the outbreak of…

Electric Car at Charging Station in Berlin

March 2020: Monthly Electric Vehicle News Roundup

1. Hyundai India Rival to launch Nexon EV; 200-300 km range Seon Seob Kim, the MD, and CEO of Hyundai Motor India have disclosed to Autocar on the side-lines of the Creta launch event that the company is considering an affordable electric vehicle for India. The Hyundai Kona is the South Korean carmaker’s first electric…

Yulu: Bike Sharing EV Start-up

Over the last few years, India has witnessed the rise of bike rental services in its cities. With their affordable rental strictures, easy mobility and robust technical support, bike-sharing services have changed the public transport scenario in Indian metros. Yulu has been leading the bike-sharing industry with its micro-mobility solutions that not only decongest busy…

Coffee beans

Eco Friendly Innovation- S. Café® fabrics

Once thought of as garbage, with this invention of eco-friendly fabric made of coffee dregs, coffee can be looked at as “trash to cash”. The invention uses coffee’s natural ability to block odours and this technology essentially takes wisdom from life experiences as can be seen from its Inventor’s story detailed later in this report….


How Packaging Will Affect Our Planet in the Long Run

Society needs packaging to function. The global distribution of goods and transportation of products via air, water and land requires these materials. However, these items, especially plastic, are incredibly detrimental to the environment. Most of the long-term effects are not well understood, considering that consumption levels have increased rapidly in a short period of time….

COVID 19: Links between climate change and infectious diseases

Climate change is one of the most serious challenges the world is facing right now. As the global economy reaches new heights and industrial progress climbs new heights at the cost of earth’s ecological balance, climate change can have several undesired effects on our quality of life. Toxic air, forest fires, and melting icebergs are…


Pros and Cons of Different Methods of Water Filtration

Water filtration has many different benefits to offer. Filtering can remove any harmful pollutants that may be present and improve the taste of your drinking water. It can also reduce reliance on single-use plastic water bottles, helping protect the environment. As there is such a variety of uses for water filtration, there’s a wide range…