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Give Trash, Get Free Beer- Heard of a Better Deal?

Get a cocktail or a chilled beer in exchange for 20 used cigarette butts or 10 beer bottle caps at any of the pop-up waste bars in Goa. The state ministry in Goa has initiated a new way to address the trash problem wherein the30

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Waste Disposal Methods

Owing to intense development in science and technology, waste generation has grown by leaps and bounds with disposal turning into a herculean task. India generates about 100,000 metric tonnes of solid waste per day, with contributions of 9000 mt/day and 8300 mt/day from large metropolitans30

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Ways to Reduce and Recycle Waste

From both building construction and households, millions and tons of waste are produced every year. Out of this, the majority of waste ends up in landfills with a very little percentage being recycled. This has demanded a high need for waste minimization, as it will30

5 Ways to Safely Dispose Of Your Electronic Waste

New technology always brings new products and gadgets from time to time. So what do you end up doing with your old gadgets? Where Does Your Electronic Waste Go? All electronic waste is made up of deadly chemicals such as lead, cadmium, beryllium, mercury and30

Reasons why WEEE disposal is good for the environment

The European Commission defines waste as” any object or substance that is intended to be discarded”. Disposal and recycling have been an ancient practice and aimed to balance out the times when resources have been scarce. In this world of technology, electronic equipment and gadgets30

Infographic: Top 10 Reasons to Recycle

One of the most positive things to save our world is to practice recycling, which is important for both nature and us. Recycling plays a vital role in reducing the negative impact of waste which is generated daily. So everybody has to take this opportunity30

Emission from burning of Municipal Solid Waste

Solid waste recycling not an impossible task. Let’s do it!

Imagine walking through any road or a suburb of a city not splintered with solid waste, plastic and other domestic rejects coming under your heels. It is a challenging task to make Swachh Bharat take shape without the overall awareness of each one of you.30