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Xiaomi launches a smart Trash bin that opens automatically, seals waste bags

Under its crowdfunding platform, Xiaomi is all set to launch a new product that is a trash bin. Moreover, it’s more than a trash bin as it is a smart trash bin. This will not dispose of all of your home’s waste automatically. This is also not a robot too, but it would assist the users to ensure better handling of the waste by performing some of the functions.

Xiaomi Smart Trash Bin
Xiaomi Smart Trash Bin, Image credit:

The foremost characteristic of this trash bin is its lid that gets open up automatically using induction. Moreover, this air-tight lid is very much adequate at blocking the odour from spreading in the house and also will not attract flies. This device makes use of the smart sensor that recognizes human hand or any such similar approaching object from a distance of 0-35cm. The lid swings open after sensing an object, so there is no botheration of opening and bending over it again and again. When the bin gets full, the smart trash bin itself packages the waste. It also replaces the waste bag automatically when the old one is removed.

Talking about its dimension, it is of 3.5kg weight, 40cm height, and has a capacity of 15.5L. Its appearance is beige in colour. Initially, it is priced at just $29 (199 yuan) and it is on crowdfunding on Xiaomi Youpin. There has been massive support from the fundraiser as the product has blistered in over 11,000 supports. The expected date of shipping is on September 11.

35 cm is the sensing distance of this bin, as you have to be quite close before the Xiaomi smart trash opens up properly. There is one more advantage of this trash bin as its cover can be easily locked to protect babies to not easily access the dirt present inside. The bin is designed with a special non-breakable garbage bag and its total capacity is 15.5L. According to the average environmental setting, it is not at all mandatory to change the bags manually per month. This smart trash by Xiaomi has a large capacity battery in terms of battery life and they can be easily used for around 35 days under normal circumstances. Some built-in LED strips are there in this smart trash which comes with three methods: fade, steady and breath.

A proper suitable lighting through a strip of LED lights is provided inside the smart device, which is powered by a 12V battery. It offers for a 2 and half hour until its next operation.

The main thing what others think about is what this tiny trash bin can do apart from pouring down the taste. This doesn’t do much in improving your comfort; as it just opens up by itself and after in taking the trash, it closes down automatically without any user touch. It quickly packs up the waste when the trash reaches its limit of 15.5 litres and automatically places a new trash inside.

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