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Give Trash, Get Free Beer- Heard of a Better Deal?

Get a cocktail or a chilled beer in exchange for 20 used cigarette butts or 10 beer bottle caps at any of the pop-up waste bars in Goa.

Craft Beer, Reference: Uri Tours (, under Creative Commons licence.

The state ministry in Goa has initiated a new way to address the trash problem wherein the tourists can exchange trash for free beer. On 30th January, the first pop-up waste bar was installed at Zanzibar shack in Baga which marked the initiation of the project. In the upcoming months, many such waste-bars are expected to be taken up by restaurants at the Calangute-Candolim beach  and free beers given twice a month between 4 pm to 6 pm.

The state government selected a private management agency, Drishti Marine to ensure clean beaches in Goa. As part of the agency’s ‘TeraMeraBeach’ campaign, the agency came up with this innovative idea of pop-up waste bars to involve tourists and common people to make Goa a clean place. They aim to increase awareness amongst the people about the garbage menace and its impact on the environment and to involve them to help keep the surroundings clean.

With relaxed drinking rules and night parties, Goa sees around 8 million tourists every year. Of late, these overcrowded beaches have earned a bad name because of poor hygiene, pollution. This campaign is expected to give the beaches the much-needed makeover.

Though it is a great concept in attracting people, it is saddening that such barter-like schemes are needed to draw people’s attention and care for nature.

Referring to this as a win-win concept Noreen Van Holstein who initiated the campaign with Drishti Marine says that for the venue, crowd attraction is a positive event. For the customers, it gives happiness to contribute for a greater cause while getting a free drink for it and for the brands it helps in positioning.

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