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This vegan ramen can help you beat hunger blues while staying fit

As celebrities across the world turn to plant-based diets and veganism, the lifestyle is gaining a lot of traction not just in India, but across the world. For instance, the number of vegans in the United Kingdom quadrupled between 2006 and 2018, according to research conducted by The Vegan Society. At the same time, most of us struggle to believe if plant-based diets are actually healthy or they are just a fad. If experts are to be believed, veganism is associated with a host of health benefits that range from optimal blood pressure to keeping Type 2 diabetes at bay. Another reason why more and more people are gravitating towards veganism is because of their concern for animals. Meat-based products are not always responsibly sourced and meat producers and packers have often been blamed of turning a blind eye to cruelty towards animals.

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Apart from these reasons, a more serious concern that is goading many to adopt a vegan lifestyle is the impact a meat-based diet can have on the environment. The food value chain contributes majorly to carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions. By replacing animal-based products with vegetarian sources of protein in our protein, we can do our bit towards saving the planet against climate change.

There is ample research available that has established a correlation between climate action and manufacturing and consumption of animal-based foods. In one of its reports, the UNEP’s International Panel for Sustainable Resource Management had claimed that a global shift towards veganism was crucial to shielding the world from the impact of climate change.

Despite the benefits of veganism, many find it difficult to embrace the lifestyle as it can be a bit hard to adapt to and procure ingredients to rustle up a quick vegan dish. As the world reels under a pandemic, most of us are working remotely. Between pressing deadlines and back-to-back online meetings, there’s little time and energy left to cook anything. Realizing how vegans need easy-to-cook and wholesome meal options, there are many brands that are coming up with vegan meal kits that can be ready within a few minutes and contain ample nutrients. In tandem with the vegan food industry’s sentiments, Abokichi meal kits are among the rising stars of a segment that’s buzzing with new entrants.

Abokichi makes all-natural, plant-based food products that are sourced from traditional Japanese cuisine and is the brainchild of Fumi Tsukamoto, Bobby Khorasani, and Jesse Mantell.

Each Abokichi kit can serve two persons and comprises two Abo Ramen packs that are made of quinoa and green lentils and, two pouches of umami-rich miso soup broth. The broth is seasoned with OKAZU miso chili oil that adds spunk to the dish. Plus, you can cook it in 3 minutes—that’s even quicker than brewing a cup of coffee.

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The gluten-free meal kit is a healthier option than the instant noodles that many of us are addicted to as they contain high amounts of trans-fats and sodium. The Abo Ramen contains around 80% less sodium than the regular ramen. The plant-based ingredients used in this meal kit are not made of genetically modified organisms and do not contain any artificial flavors. What gives the ABO Ramen its unique flavor is its naturally fermented miso soup base that gives you your daily dose of probiotics. The probiotic boost is great for optimal gut health and for one’s overall mental and physical health.

On the other hand, miso itself is a rich source of folic acid and Vitamin B, E, and K. This meal kit is also a great option for those working on building some lean muscle. The protein noodles are made from a base of green lentils and contain 22 grams of plant-based protein, which is equivalent to what you get from a glass of your regular protein smoothie.

The rich umami flavor of these ramen noodles means that you don’t have to compromise with the taste just because you want to eat healthily. Just a spoonful of this dish is enough to experience the explosion of umami and traditional flavors that this meal kit promises.

As a sustainable food brand, Abokichi is committed to the cause of reducing food waste and its impact on climate change. Abokichi is a member of the Upcycled Food Association (UFA), an organization that spreads the word about cutting down food waste through the optimal utilization of ingredients. In 2020, the instant miso soup broth enabled Abokichi to divert over 2 tonnes of byproducts left after brewing sake and that is usually thrown away. Abokichi founders want to increase that number this year, which is why there are leveraging the benefits of fermentation for making ‘Sake Les’, which is an important ingredient of ramen noodles. By fermenting ‘sake les’ in a local brewery, Abokichi creates a delicious ingredient while tackling food waste.

Abokichi also sells its award-winning condiment ‘OKAZU’ that contains miso, chilo and sesame oil. The condiment is a staple in Japan and is often had with rice. You can use a generous dollop of this condiment to infuse umami-rich flavors in chicken, fish, eggs, burgers, and potato or even use it as a homemade salad dressing.

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