Warneckii plant

Houseplants – Nemesis For Indoor Air Pollution

The energy crunch witnessed by the world in the late 1970s forced people to design and resort to energy efficient techniques and practices, which also included energy efficient buildings. Energy efficient housings brought in the trend of buildings which were super-insulated and had reduced free exchange of fresh air. It was eventually realized that these buildings having tighter and congested construction, sealed from outside air was more prone to accumulation of indoor air pollutants to dangerous levels, greatly affecting the40

Sphagnum flexuosum

Sphagnum- The wonder Bryophyte

Dear kids, do you know about Sphagnum? Sphagnum, also popularly known as peat moss belongs to the group of plants known as Bryophytes. It is highly important and has many uses. Bryophytes belong to the category of lower plants along with algae and fungi.  It is in fact the only plant in the Bryophytes group that has some importance. 1. It can hold large amounts of water and is therefore used for packing live plants and cut flowers which can40