How to calculate potential supply of rainwater from catchment area?

Water is essential for the Environment, for ensuring Food Security and to ensure Sustainable Development. Rainwater harvesting is the accumulation and storage of rainwater. We all know that fresh water resources available on earth are limited and falling rain drops can provide some of the purest30

Sunset at Radhanagar beach

Eco tourism destinations- Andaman and Nicobar Islands

I had been planning for this trip for a long time but couldn’t really find the time due to various commitments. It is one of the most beautiful and largely untouched destinations of India.  It is the largest union territory with around 546 islands of30

Chemical Ion Contributing to Seawater Salinity

Seawater Salinity and its effects on earth’s climate

Salinity is the saltiness or dissolved salt content of a body of water. The term salinity describes the level of different salts e.g. sodium chloride, magnesium and calcium sulphates etc dissolved in water.  Sea water has strong salinity due to its higher dissolved salts content. On an average, seawater has a salinity of about30

The Shaky foundation of AADHAR

AADHAR project or the UIDAI scheme is a classic example of starting a factory first and then deciding what to produce from it. With no clear objective, the scheme was simply flagged off as a dream project with absolutely no clue as to what it30

Glaciers in India – Are Himalayan Glaciers really melting?

Glaciers are considered to act as the sensors of climate change. Out of the 3% freshwater available on earth, 67% is stored in glaciers and ice caps. Himalayan glaciers alone supply an estimated 30-40% of the water to the Ganges which is particularly critical in the30

Water scarcity and India

If the next world war happens; it may well be triggered by water scarcity across the continents. It has been already found that the third of the world is suffering from water shortages.  Increasing demand for water with rapidly growing rate of population, inadequate rainfall,30