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Clean Water from ATM’s

Water_tapWater is the ultimate necessity for almost all human activities. Life cannot sustain itself without water. However, to provide clean and safe water has been a challenge to the governments of the day. (Know about water scarcity and India)

Some out of the box measures while being profitable can serve society and satisfy their basic needs. With a large population as India’s, providing clean and safe drinking water is the basic and most challenging task. The twin issues of water quantity and quality need to be addressed for each and every part of the country. Mere availability of water is not enough as many diseases are water borne and can pose a health risk if consumed directly as such. This is where Sarvajal comes in.

The Piramal Water Private Limited provides water under the name ‘Sarvajal’. The technology utilizes solar power to dispense water which is sold through ATM’s for as low as 30 paisa for a litre. The local population can use pre paid cards (rechargeable by cell phones) or coins to purchase water. Established in 2008, the enterprise also provides ATM franchise options generating local employment in rural areas.

For any intervention to be effective, it should engage and ensure participation of the local population and not merely hand over benefits without proper monitoring. Sarvjal is one such solution.


Sarvajal Website

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The report of Ministry of Drinking water and Sanitation

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