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Economic importance of Dysoxylum binectariferum

Dysoxylum binectariferum_Leaves
Dysoxylum binectariferum_Leaves

Family: Meliaceae
Common name: Lassuni amari
Origin: India

Description: Evergreen tree, leaves with leaflets cuneate at the base, entirely or obscurely dentate along the margins, acuminate at the apex.  Flowers shortly pedicellate.  Calyx cup- shaped, entirely or obscurely 5-lobed, about half as long as petals. Petals 4, velvety.

Economic Importance:

  • Wood can be sawn and machined well and worked to a smoothed surface. Timber used for building construction, boxes, canoes, and turnery; also suitable for match boxes and splints, cigar- boxes, and ply board.
  • These trees are regarded as essential components of the native rainforest of their ecosystems such as the Australian temperate rainforest.
  • Wood was widely used in furniture trade.
  • Bark contains tannin.


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