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Economic Importance of ‘Touch me Not’ Plant Mimosa Pudica

Common Name: Touch Me Not plant, Lajwanti

Family:  Fabaceae

Subfamily: Caesalpinioideae

Genus: Mimosa

Species: pudica

Native: South America

Description: The plant is a creeping annual or perennial flowering plant of the pea/legume family. The plant can be easily identified due to its characteristic closing of leaves when touched.  It is grown as an ornamental plant is also a weed that grows in wild. The plant has small prickles on stem and has green leaves and pink flowers.

Mimosa Pudica
Mimosa Pudica

Economic Importance:

  1. The plant has very good antiseptic and medicinal properties. The root of the plant can be crushed and the paste can be utilized for treatment of boils, acnes and other minor skin ailments. Dramatic overnight healing can take place of such boils and acnes.
  2. Wounds and eczema can be treated by applying a paste of the whole plant and leaves.
  3. The plant also has analgesic and anti‐inflammatory properties.
  4. Roots of Mimosa pudica contain endophytes. Endophytes are microorganisms that inhabit the plants forming a symbiotic relationship. Endophytes also produce secondary metabolites like terpenoids, steroids, alkaloids, phenols, and quinines, which defend plants from various pathogens and hence the species is also used in phytoremediation.
  5. The plant is widely used in folk medicinal systems.


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