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Faculty Member Vacancy at FES

Job Title: Faculty Member FES

Location: Karnataka

Organization’s profile:

The Foundation for Ecological Security (FES) seeks to hire a Faulty Member, Prakriti Karyashala for its start-up training institution for Karnataka/ AP. The position will be based in Chintamani, Chikkaballapur, Karnataka.

FES has set up a training institution to respond to the learning needs of rural communities, panchayat representatives, and grassroots government and NGO functionaries to strengthen local self-governance and ecologically sound natural resource management.

Job Description:

  1. Conduct field trainings and training of trainers; conduct refresher courses for field trainers.
  2. Develop training modules, manuals, training materials, and training aids for field trainings, trainers’ training programmes and refresher programmes; identify, detail, and simplify subject matter content for modules; update and improve module content incorporating new developments and learnings from analysis of training feedback and evaluation.
  3. Co ordinate with outside subject matter specialists and pedagogy specialists; interact with, and support field trainers. Recruit and select field trainers and other consultants.
  4. Identify and select suitable pedagogies and training methodologies; develop appropriate tools, instruments (posters, flip charts etc), exercises, training material, and training aids to deliver the content; improve training methodologies; analyse data and draw learnings about the suitability of methodologies and content.
  5. Collect and develop references; collect training materials (including modules) from other sources, and assess appropriateness; follow developments in the subject matter and training methodologies; develop mechanisms for institutional memory, document approaches, learnings, etc.
  6. Prepare analytical reports on training programmes and courses; prepare the templates for data analysis, feedback etc; develop tools for evaluation of training and learning impact;
  7. Co-ordinate delivery of training programmes through several field trainers over several locations; co-ordinate with nodal person from client organisation about delivery of training programmes (trainee profiles, locations, dates, etc). Organise training modules; co-ordinate with field trainers, Prakriti Karyashala logistics and administrative teams; plan supplies and other logistics as per training budget; approve payments to related field trainers; organise collection of feedback and evaluation reports from field trainers. Collect, organise and prepare training reports.


  1. A post-graduate degree in agricultural/ civil engineering, agriculture, development studies, rural management, conservation biology, social work, education and training, botany, mass communication, or forestry.
  2. The applicant should have over 10 years or more of experience in community based natural resource management, of which at least 3 should be in training roles.
  3. Substantial experience in design of training programmes, and as a trainer is essential.
  4. Fluency (oral and written) in Kannada and English is essential
  5. Experience in working with multi-disciplinary teams of peers is desirable

How to apply:

Interested candidates are requested to send their CV to or by post to: Foundation for Ecological Security, PB No. 29, Anand-388001,Gujarat, India.

Last date for the application: 10 Nov, 2013

Reference: FES

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