Businesses worldwide have started recognizing importance of environment management and sustainability across their operations. Consumers also have started considering environmental impacts of the products and services which they purchase. Products which are manufactured thorough an environment friendly process and are energy efficient, water efficient and have less impacts on the environment across its life cycle can be called as green products. Using green products and services can help in environmental conservation. Consumers, at micro level can help to save the environment by just taking right decisions in purchasing products and services in everyday operations.

Green Business Directory

Green Clean Guide – Green Business Directory (GCG-GBD) is the virtual place for such consumers and businesses around the world to meet and explore opportunities to increase use of green products and services. Our aim at GCG-GBD is to foster environmental awareness among consumers and businesses and promote best green practices that are both environmentally responsible and commercially feasible.

Steps to list your business-

  1. List your business at Green Clean Guide – Green Business Directory for free.
  2. Add accurate and appealing business description having information of products and services.
  3. Add contact details including email id, phone number, fax number, detailed postal address, etc.
  4. Upload your organization’s logo for better visual illustration of your business.
  5. Submit listing

What benefits can business draws from Green Business Directory?

  1. Green Business Directory is being operated by Green Clean Guide –For the Changing Planet (GCG) -a website dedicated to showcase all sectors of environment, energy, sustainability and technology. We are a unique website working in the green domain. We’ve been praised highly by science journal publications, newspapers and other media platforms. Each article of ours gets read by thousands of readers daily. Our social media community on Facebook and Twitter is large and growing every single day. A large majority of our readers are in the age group of 18 – 35 and geographically located at India and United States in majority.
  2. The growing consumers’ interest in green products makes sense to list your green products and services at the dedicated platform.
  3. By listing your business at Green Business Directory (GBD), you will be able to showcase your green products/services at dedicated website for everything green and reach maximum green minded people who could possibly turn into your customers.
  4. Businesses can highlight environmental attributes of their product and services at description section of GBD. Businesses can also demonstrate market leadership towards green products and services and can educate customers about positive impacts of purchasing their green products and services.
  5. Active communication is the best tool to educate about your products and services. Here at GBD, we provide interactive platform for the businesses and consumers to discuss about their products and services through dedicated comment section.
  6. Businesses can get environmental endorsements from the customers at discussion forum (comment section) on GBD. Business can use these endorsements to increase their sale.

What benefits can consumer draws from Green Business Directory?

  1. Consumer can access list of green products and services around them. GBD can provide consumers information about such products and services located in their regions.
  2. Consumer can select green products/services from dedicated categories such as waste management, recycling, herbal products, etc for quick access.
  3. Quick search and advance search option is also available for better searching of products and services in particular city and as per consumer’s choice.
  4. Green purchasing can enhance your green brand with your employees, consumers and local communities. Beyond this, you can reach to the broader approach of environmental consumerism.
  5. If you are a company, you can invest in purchasing green products and services which can enhance your environmental and social responsibility overall.

If you own a green business, submit your listing today. By submitting your entry at Green Clean Guide –Green Business Directory, you will receive enhanced leads from the targeted consumers, important links through our website and overall maximum reach to your targeted consumers.

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