1) Kakapo- A Rare parrot: The Kakapo (Strigops habroptila) is a endemic parrot species to New Zealand also known as owl parrot. It is large flightless nocturnal species. It comes under critically endangered category (as of only 120 individuals are living – 2010 Census). The word Kakapo is known as  night parrot in New Zealand. (Know more about Kakapo)


2) Landfill project: This  awesome animation shows how waste can be used to generate electricity. This video is created by  a freelance web designer Mr. Olivier Diamant based at Paris. (Know more about Olivier Diamant and his company)


3) Impact of climate change on agriculture: This film is made by ILEIA, the Centre for Learning on sustainable agriculture. It  is an independent organization with the mandate to contribute to poverty alleviation through the promotion of agro-ecological approaches. (Know more about ILEIA)


4) Locally invented technology: Who said only engineers and science graduates can invent technology. Following video shows very basic equipments invented by the rural people of India.


5) Strangler Fig living bridges in Meghalaya, India: Incredibly inspiring living architecture. From the BBC’s Human Planet 7.


6) Atmospheric brown clouds (ABC): ABC observed as widespread layers of brownish haze, are regional scale plumes of air pollutants, consisting of mainly aerosol particles, such as black carbon (BC), and precursor gases which produce aerosols and ozone. (Read more here)


7) Solar Bottle