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How Hurien helps you in avoiding wasting food

As the world gravitates towards concepts like intentional living and minimalism, people across the world are rethinking how they can get more out of what they have. One of the factors which have forced people to rethink their actions is food wastage. While on one hand, we have people, who are able to afford three square meals a day as well as gourmet items, and on the other, we have people who are dying of either food shortage.

Food wastage is a global concern that is forcing governments to address the issue through policies. According to Food and Agriculture Organisation, despite world hunger being on the rise, around one-third of the food produced across the world ends up being wasted or lost.

Food waste
Food waste

Global food wastage is a malaise that rids many countries including India and has far-reaching health, economic and environmental effects. However, can we as individuals can do anything about it? Thanks to innovations like the Hurien food recycler, you can do your bit towards saving food and prevent it from going to waste.

Hurien has worked on designing the advanced concept food recycler that enables you to throw away food just four times a year. Plus, it also means that there would be no odor from the food going bad in your dustbin. Based in El Paso in Texas, Hurien believes in designing alternative solutions to composting. The company believes in making the process easier and more enjoyable as that will attract more people towards sustainability. 

Cooking isn’t just about rustling a meal in the kitchen. An integral part of cooking is taking care of leftovers and how to dispose of them. The Hurien food recycler is the perfect product for households who are looking for a way to not let their leftovers go to waste. It is a smart food recycler with microorganisms so that there is no odor or noise. The product transforms food into fertilizer in about 24 hours, while cutting down food wastage by around 95%.

A handy device that makes it worth the investment. Once the fertilizer is ready, you can use it to nourish your garden. For those who want to stick to organic vegetables and fruits, it’s a great idea to use fertilizer harvested from food that is thrown away to grow fresh produce. The dry homemade fertilizer can also be stored and you could motivate others to join you in growing organic produce by sharing it with them.

Another USP of this product is that you can make fertilizer from almost everything in a Hurien food recycler. Be it orange peels or crab shells, this product can decompose almost anything that is thrown out of your kitchen into fertilizer. The product doesn’t freeze or dries up any food item. It just decomposes food with microorganisms.

There’s a robust mechanism that powers a Hurien food recycler. For starters, there is the microorganism fermentation elimination method which enables the machine to decompose food efficiently and in an eco-friendly manner. Next, there is the ion oxidation catalyst that eliminates any odor that may result from the food being decomposed. The odor-free mechanism lets your kitchen have a fresh smell. Plus, the machine is fortified by bacillus-based aerobic, acidophilic halophilic microorganisms that turn the food into fertilizer.

Lastly, the smart code monitor enables you to monitor the entire action. The feature helps you control the moisture and temperature. With the smart code window, you can check the usage time, temperature, and error code. By automatically controlling the temperature and moisture, the process prevents the microorganisms from dying. There is also an alert system that the food recycler is fitted with. It alerts the user in case of a malfunction like when the lid of the machine is shut while the stirrer is still on. If that happens, all you have to do is to open the lid and the stirrer will automatically stop. If you don’t close it immediately, the machine alerts you every 10 seconds until you shut the lid. If there is any snag, users can check the code according to issues and Hurien resolves the issue quickly.

The food recycler adopts a unique microbial culture method to decompose the food and it is made more efficient with the addition of microorganisms. The internal stirring rod that the machine is fitted with help in the decomposition of food by uniformly mixing microorganisms with food in the four directions. The process also avoids any spoilage that might occur due to heat and moisture. The food recycler is optimized to decompose food that is usually eaten by people.

Lastly, you don’t have to worry about a heft power bill with Hurien food recycler. It switches off automatically after 72 hours. So, you don’t have to worry about switching the device off if you are going on a trip or heading out. The food recycler goes into sleep mode if the user doesn’t open the lid for 72 hours. 

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