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Net Metering launched for Consumers

Energy meterEastern Power Distribution Company of AP Limited (APEPDCL) has launched net metering in association with New and Renewable Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh (NREDCAP)

Consumers can now supply solar power to the discom and it finally allows consumers to offset the cost of their electric use with the rooftop solar power they generate and export to the grid.

The Grid interactive Roof Top Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) mainly consists of solar PV modules, mounting structure for the modules and the inverter or power conditioning units. The solar panels convert solar energy in the form of light into electricity in DC form (Direct Current). The DC electrical energy is converted to AC (Alternate Current) power by the inverter/power conditioning unit which is connected to the power grid through AC distribution board. Read more here.

Domestic users would thus be allowed a maximum 50% subsidy of the cost of installing an up to 3 kilowatt solar rooftop panel installation. Eligible consumers need to have a minimum 10 sq m or 100 sq ft space for installation of solar panels on their rooftops.

Earlier, Tamil Nadu had also allowed net-metering facility for interested consumers.

A solar PV cell is comparatively light and requires less maintenance. A PV system can also be tailor made to virtually any size based on requirements.

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