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Project Associate Vacancy at Pakke Tiger Reserve

Job Title: Project Associate for Pakke Tiger Reserve

Location:Arunanchal Pradesh


The forest department of Pakke Tiger Reserve, Arunachal Pradesh ( is looking for a proficient and hardworking student to do a study on grasslands in the park.

Job Description:

Develop a profile/extent of grass species in different areas and invasive species in this habitat.

  • Understand palatability of grass species.
  • Use of these habitats by herbivores and other species.
  • Map grasslands & salt licks in the park.


It is necessary for the person applying for this post to know how to identify grass species. The field work will start from mid-January, 2014 and the project needs to be completed by mid-April, 2014.

How to apply:

Interested applicants with relevant expertise, should email Nandini Velho at nandinivelho(at)gmail(dot)com and TanaTapi, DFO Pakke Tiger Reserve at dfopakke(at)gmail(dot)com  a copy of their cv with a paragraph on what experience they have in botany and field work. 

Reference: YETI

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